Meet the Team


Kettlebelle is brought to by Michelle Massey & Jayne O’Toole.

Health, fitness, nutrition and CrossFit our our passions, sharing what we learn with you is our love.

Michelle Massey – lover of chocolate, squats & coffee!  

CrossFit Level 2 Coach (D12 CrossFit)
CrossFit Football Certified
CrossFit Kids/Teens Coach
Weightlifting Ireland Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Ireland Athlete (CrossFit & Weightlifting)

I’m a firm believer in becoming the best version of yourself, whatever that version may be. I was a professional dancer for years but didn’t consider that ‘exercise’ and I certainly didn’t aim to live a fit and healthy life. I ‘fell’ into CrossFit and fell even further into Weightlifting. Without being too dramatic both sports changed my life. Mentally more than physically.

The journey I have been on and continue to be on has lead me to follow my dream of sharing this with others and Coaching is by far my biggest passion. My aim is to help people be happier by becoming the best version of themselves ❤


Jayne O’Toole – Crossfitting coffee fiend & foodie!


  •  CrossFit Level 1 certified
  • CrossFit Mobility & Movement Certified
  • Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Coach
  • Qualified Nutritional Adviser
  •  PN1  Nutrition coach ( Precision Nutrition certified in Exercise Nutrition )
  • Real Nutrition Challenge




I was never typically sporty  but I adored dance and trained several disciplines throughout my childhood until my late teens. 

From late teens until my late twenties travel, college and work  took over. Weight ups and downs ensued and the typical panic diets and sporadic Zumba binges would happen! I was not healthy or fit  and felt very uncomfortable in my own skin.

I cant say I have always had a positive relationship with body image or food,I like most women have had a love hate relationship with both. At my smallest and biggest I battled.

It’s been a long journey coming to a place where I can embrace a passion for  food  and nutrition with no underlying guilt. I now slowly learning to love and appreciate my body too.

As a non-sporty girl to find I loved throwing barbells around and being pushed to my limits was a surprise!

My whole view on myself, my capabilities, my body image and food began to change thanks to this new found passion.  I want to help others on their route to a happier healthier life.
I’ve had  setbacks &  disappointments but for every one of them I’ve had more  physical and mental gains than I can count. Its changed my life.

I want women to see they can be stronger, fitter and healthier than they ever imagined and start their journey at any stage.


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