PMS & HORMONAL HEALTH – Chasteberry (Vitex) Does it work?

PMS & Hormonal Health – Chasteberry (Vitex)

PMS is a subject I have discussed openly from my own personal experience along with what I have encountered professionally and in my studies as a Nutrition coach . I’ve delved headfirst into the subject of hormonal health of late  as you might note from several of my current blogs and I’d like to share my learning’s with you!

Please share your experiences too . The more conversations we have openly about subjects like PMS the more we can support each other in finding ways to make it less of a struggle or something we feel embarrassed about.

Through my own  gradually worsening issues with PMS I recently went on a mission to find natural methods and supplements that may help reduce my symptoms. Clearly my hormones were out of whack and it was only getting worse . For me primarily it shows physically as migraines, cramps, lack of strength or coordination and the usual period spots appearing around my face. Emotionally however the imbalance was more impacting .  I was becoming lower and lower for longer periods of time.  I wasn’t willing to sit back and allow this to affect my life and those around me so I put my practical pants on and got to researching .  On this research mission Chasteberry (Vitex) or Agnus Castus was a recurring recommendation.   In both medical and holistic fields it was well researched and accredited with some very positive results.

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It was worth a shot so I went online and ordered some from Amazon as I couldn’t find an easy to take pill in any local health stores or pharmacies.  This is the brand I ordered.  There are plenty of options to choose from and I have seen Vogel drops readily available in most health stores here in Ireland.


Some of the potential benefits of Vitex:

  • Relieves PMS Symptoms.
  • Reduces Uterine Fibroids.
  • Improved Female Fertility.
  • Clears Up Acne.
  • Reduced Endometriosis symptoms
  • Remedies Amenorrhea.
  • May Promote Lactation.
  • Reduced Menopause Symptoms.

I’m going to focus on its benefits for PMS in this piece.

Vitex is one of the most popular herbal remedies for PMS and cramps. Alleviating PMS symptoms, such as bloating, depression and irritability. The herb works by normalizing the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen, which then soothes monthly discomforts and can help regulate menstrual cycle. It may be helpful for women with irregular periods or those who are coming off of hormonal birth control too hoping to settle their cycle.

The symptoms of PMS can greatly be reduced or even eliminated by making an effort to get your hormones in proper balance. Vitex is one of the top herbal recommendations when it comes to natural PMS relief.



My personal experience over the last 2 months has been notable. While I still feel somewhat clumsy, tired and a little crampy and emotional leading into my period, that’s it. I feel like a normal woman with symptoms I can understand accept and deal with.  Cramps, cravings and getting overly emotional watching someone PB a lift I can deal with! So far so good for me and with this being a natural supplement with minimal reports of negative side effects I would recommend it for anyone struggling with PMS. The only thing I’ve noted however is my period has been late the past few months since I started taking it so be aware that it may change-up your schedule a little . I’m waiting to see if this settles . A few weeks delay is worth it for me when the symptoms are so notably lessened .

In conjunction with Vitex I also started to take evening primrose and starflower oil with B6 which can also be helpful in relation to our hormonal health , but that’s another blog!

As always any questions reach out




Here’s to happy healthy hormones!

Vitex Points to note prior to taking this supplement :

If you’re pregnant, have a hormone-sensitive health condition — such as endometriosis or breast cancer — or if you have a history of mental illness or Parkinson’s disease, then talk to your doctor before taking vitex in any form.

Vitex can interfere with some medications, including birth control, antipsychotics and oestrogen supplements like those used with in-vitro fertilization treatments. Speak with your doctor before trying vitex if you are taking any of these medications.



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