Open ready? Errrrr……ish..


Ok so I’m going to start with firstly, if you CrossFit and your gym are doing the open, GET INVOLVED! No matter your level or ability you can take part and embrace the physical and mental rollercoaster that is the Open! Share this wonderful experience with the community in your gym. It’s the support and community spirit that makes this sport so special. The buzz amongst members on the build-up makes it all the more exciting. Yes there will be nerves, yes you may push harder and hurt more than you have in workouts previously but I guarantee you will achieve something you never thought you would and be proud of yourself that you took part.

In saying this due to my own unenthused state about it this year I want to openly and honestly discuss some other feelings that may arise around the Open. Some of which I had nagging in my mind this year and I’m sure I won’t be alone in these feels!

The disheartening feeling that you are not where you “should” or hoped to be heading into the 2017 Open. How the normal nerves and excitement have been replaced with stressing that you may not do as well as you “should” or could if x y and z had been in place or if everything went to plan.  Dreading people asking you how you are feeling about it this year. You read the positive memes and motivational quotes online hoping to get the excitement back … but it’s just not kicking in!

Last year’s open was the first one that I approached with a goal to complete every workout RX. I knew I was lacking certain movements but I wanted to challenge myself. Ultimately I ended up doing better than I expected particularly as there was no workout that played on my strengths.  It left me super excited for the year ahead and where I could be for the Open 2017.



2016 brought about lots of change, as is the way with such things in life some positive and some challenging. Training wise things didn’t quite go to plan due to a variety of circumstances.  This  contributed to me not having the opportunity to really nail certain movements. These movements I had up on a pedestal in my head as the defining signs of my progress. All of this led me to feeling a bit knocked confidence wise in my progress and capabilities and somewhat dread the open.   Purely because I didn’t feel ready, I worried I would let myself down. .  I was defining the hard work and progress I had achieved over the last year by not nailing 2-3 movements.  Head game fail! No good can come of thinking like this!

Now I am very realistic in my capabilities and goals, I’m not aiming for regional’s here. However I do love this sport and want to push myself to new limits and continue on the journey to becoming a more badass person. There will be a few competitions and the likes along the way too!   So why get stressed?

I’m passionate about this sport and put a lot of my time and energies into becoming better at it .  So  like everyone else who dedicates themselves to improving in a sport they  want to see that progress year on year.  As a Cross fitter I hold the open up as a tester of that progress. The competitive Open buzz sets in!

The big problem with my thought process  was that while my training specific to this test of fitness(Open 2017) may not have been targeted, I’ve still been training consistently and with fantastic programming. The environment may have been different, I may not have been in a CrossFit box but It’s been hugely beneficial training. Its gonna help me achieve my goals in coming months .


I disregarded all of this progress and allowed myself to focus on what I couldn’t do because of a benchmark I set myself last year.   Thankfully I am aware of my tendency to over think things and be hard on myself.  So I’ve had to have a little talk with myself and a think about what I really want to get from it .The final conclusion was just that I was looking forward to getting back to CrossFit and sharing the Open with  the  community of badasses in my new gym .

Its ok to be passionate and  have goals but appreciate where you are at right now and all you have achieved. Realise that this is one test, and none of us have a clue what will come up!  There will be other tests, new goals and targets for all of us.   Don’t define yourself by a perceived idea of where you should be, or comparing to where others are.


No matter the outcome I know I’m a stronger , fitter and more importantly an even happier, healthier person with clearer goals .  I want to just enjoy the experience and be proud of wherever I am this year because I am a hell of a lot further than I thought I’d be 4, 3 even 2 years ago!


OPEN 2015 fighting my way through my first ever pull up wod – strict as I couldnt kip!

Injuries happen, setbacks happen, life gets in the way. We can’t control these things. We can however control our attitude and how we approach things. When you are passionate about something it can lead to getting stressed, disappointed or nervous but don’t let it prevent you from enjoying an experience like the Open and being a part of it.  Have goals and targets, push and do your best! Learn from it but don’t let it negatively affect how you perceive yourself! Think about your reasons and motivations .

Every year I have been nervous

Every year I’ve been challenged

Every year Ive realised how lucky I am to have found a community like this

Every year I’ve achieved something I’ve been proud of

Maybe this year it will be embracing the fun of the Open and just owning where I am right now.

Maybe you can do that to?

I’ve signed up for the Open 2017 and ye know what after a bit of a wobble, I’m Open ready! Let’s get this show on the road.

May the wods be ever in your favour






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