Full Depth Fitness Apparel – The ladies behind #fortheloveofsquat




The Girls rocking some Kiavasportsbras


Julia Beamish Roylance and Clara Biddle are the badass ladies behind the Full Depth Fitness brand .  2 very different woman with a shared passion for fitness and fashion showing that if you dream big and work hard those passions can flourish!

Both Clara and Julia would be recognisable around the Irish CrossFit community as athletes, supporters and business owners  but I only met both of them properly last year . I met Clara  first  when  she dropped into the gym I trained at with her husband Chad . We bonded  over some push press and ended up doing CrossFit wod Annie together (as you do for the craic).. those famous last words of “sure I’ll keep you company and do it with you”!

I told her about signing up for my first RX competition that summer  and she told me she would be there with her  business partner and friend Julia to showcase some of the apparel they sourced for their new online shop .  Clara  told me about Julia’s keen eye for funky and unique brands and styling . I was excited to hear about some of the brands they were going to stock and couldn’t wait to see more !

The Waterford throw down arrived and I got to meet the lovely fitionista that is Julia .  She was a font of knowledge on the brands and helped me pick myself a little post comp gift.  All my ouchie’s from the wod’s were quickly soothed with the purchase of a born primitive sports bra (it was so pretty!!! ).

I loved chatting to the girls and hearing about how Full Depth came about . 2 friends with shared passions coming together to create something special. Having the support of another strong woman and friend on an adventure like this makes it all the more achievable and fun. Twas a story I could relate to particularly given how Kettlebelle came about for me and Michelle!


So here’s a little bit about these badass ladies bringing fabulous fit fashion to the Irish shores

Julia Beamish

Merchandising manager for Full Depth.  Julia  always had a passion for finding fitness wear that no one else has. She loves  looking a little different, whether it’s a pair of funky running tights or mis-matched trainers. Aside from sourcing funky apparel her other passion is Crossfit, Crossfit and more Crossfit.

Clara Biddle 

Clara also likes to CrossFit – a lot ! She likes comfortable, edgy kit to CrossFit in.  She trusts Jules advice on what to wear, and how to wear it, as a no-fuss strategy to looking good and feeling comfortable.  As a mother, CrossFitter and part-time Pharmacist, rushing here there and everywhere, looking good with limited fuss is key!

Between Julia’s passion for sourcing new and unique brands , and Clara’s keen understanding of their  customers needs along with both of their love of fit fashion they are the perfect partnership .

An exciting development for 2017 is that  Full Depth Fitness will not only be an online store they have  also set up shop in The Fitness Dock in Wicklow .


Friendship and fun is the core of this partnership


I spoke with Julia to get the low down on how it all began and what their top brand pick for 2017 is :

“ About a year ago Clara and I had a drunken conversation about how much fun it’d be to have our own sportswear shop. Thankfully, we remembered the conversation and started to plan our new adventure.

We are both individualists, we have our own style and wanted to have workout wear that not everyone else is wearing (much as we love Nike, Reebok et al), we decided that in addition to stocking less well-known brands, we only run a particular brand for a period of time, then it’s retired, well for a while – we will keep our brands turning over – it’s about staying fresh, that’s really important to both of us.”

“The main brands we have featured so far are Hylete , Kiava , Born Primal and Ares. I guess we’re loving Ares brand at the moment, it’s really functional and well priced. I’ve squat tested the tights in the gym, washed them on a 60° to make sure that I can be confident in selling them to other Crossfitters (I love my job) 😁 We also gave a (male) athlete lined up to do the Open WODs in our booty shorts, a true test of our gear (yes, there’ll be photos) essentially we’re testing our gear to the max but having fun with it too.”

I love that Julia and Clara have built Full Depth with friendship and fun at the core of the brand . It really shines through in their whole approach.

I creep their Instagram far more than I should looking out for new pretty things to buy !

Thanks to my creeping and extreme lack of will power I am the proud owner of  a selection of sports bras from the born primal and Kiava range . Most recently I road tested (very successfully ) some of the Ares booty shorts and sports bra . I concur with the squat proof testing!


Me road testing the Ares shorts and bra


Best of luck from us here at Kettlebelle to these badass ladies going for their dreams and smashing it ! We hope 2017 brings a whole lot more fun and full depth squats!

If you enjoy funky sportswear I recommend you check Full Depth out and the girls have kindly offered a 10 % discount for Kettlebelle readers use the code Kettlebelle10 to redeem  (does not apply to sale stock )

Get Social with the ladies here : 







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