2017 – What’s next for Us?



We can’t believe its 2017! Where did that time go?! Every Jan we like to update you with what we learnt and how we’re approaching the new year..so here goes:


Last year I learnt SO much, I took a focus on my gymnastic skills and reaped huge rewards, I set out to get a chest to bar pull-up and I ended up getting nearly every gymnastic skill right up to my ring muscle-up. I also learnt that hard work, commitment and dedication don’t always mean that you will hit the goal you’ve set out for yourself – when I bombed at Leinster’s which was my last chance to qualify for The World’s Masters Weightlifting competition.

After this and then the addition of new working hours my weightlifting focus (and confidence) took a hit, I shy’d away from heavy work using my bodyweight as an ‘excuse’ – I don’t weigh much so I figured I don’t need to lift much. Honestly what was really happening was that I had to deal with what I classed as failure and not being ‘strong enough’ to qualify at Leinster’s.  I’ve learnt that’s not true and using my bodyweight as an excuse actually gave me a ‘glass ceiling’. The result? I’m now pretty frustrated with my overall strength progress in the Squat/Deadlift/Clean/Snatch.

The goal this year? The goal is to have no concrete goals! What does this mean? It means that I’m going to approach everything with eyes wide open, shy away from nothing, set no expectations upon myself and just get the head down and work really damn hard. I’m excited to relax, have fun with my training and see where it takes Me.  


Im very lucky to have two jobs I love, the day job and then Coaching CrossFit at D12 CrossFit. I put alot of pressure on myself last year and this year I’d like to stop doing that. Take more time out for Me and learn to say no sometime’s too! I’d like to learn more about programming which is something I’ve started to do by programming my own bonus work (under the watchful eye of my Coach) and I’m really enjoying it!


Something I really regret about last year is the amount of time I worked and trained versus the amount of time I spent with my friends, boyfriend and family. This year that will change, Ive added an additional rest day to my programming and have committed to spending more time with those I love – even just a phone call home to the parents once a week. Ive already started this and it feels great!


So about 3 weeks ago I almost decided to ‘quit’ Kettlebelle. I had alot of questions (and still do!) as to what I can offer now in terms of blogging and when it comes to my Instagram and Social Media I got really fed up of posting just random stuff that I was doing for what felt like no real reason. Videoing every single workout has become a chore and distracts me from what I’m actually doing during a session. Those of you that follow me on Instagram have prob noticed the reduction in my posts/videos etc over the last few weeks. The community we have built and the following we have though is amazing, and who knows maybe I will have something to share and then I would only want to do it in one place – Kettlebelle – I’m very proud of what we’ve done and what we may do and for that reason I will still share. Something that came as a huge and very welcome shock to me this week is the overwhelming support I have recieved via Instagram for my new challenge of quitting smoking. Being SO into health & fitness me being a smoker has been somewhat of a paradox and is a remnant of a life left behind long ago. You guys all reaching out to me with support, love and advice has gone a very very long way to keeping Me off the smokes and on the track to an even healthier life, thank you x


Well 2017 how the hell are ya! I really feel the need to change up how I approach my goals and targets for this year and take a more flexible organic approach. Be a little more accepting if the progress I make in a certain area isn’t quite as much as I planned/hoped. 2016 was a great year with progress in so many areas but it was also challenging with factors beyond my control and setbacks that hindered my completing some of what I set myself. At first this made me feel disappointed and like I’d let myself down disregarding all the wonderful progress and positivity that I had achieved and developed over the year. Things don’t always go to plan, that’s life we all encounter adversity and roadblocks. You find a new route; keep moving forward and you will get there. Being flexible and adapting with change will make progress easier to achieve and you will be proud of that journey even if you had to take the scenic route.

2017 Goals with a difference

I want to continue to improve on my movement and strength particularly in gymnastics and my Olympic lifts. I have just started in the fantastic Chapter 2 Fitness in Sandyford where I will be doing my CrossFit and gymnastic training alongside additional training programmed by Adroit. This training brings in a lot more body building style work to help make me a stronger more complete athlete and really target my weaker areas. Aside from this I’m not putting any targets on specific weights or movements to hit. I just want to be a better, stronger more complete athlete. I have a lot of work to do still on my mental game and confidence in myself with training so I plan on working on this as well and possibly braving some competitions later in the year ! Longer term I’d like to compete at a masters level in CrossFit in Ireland and Europe.

This year sees me take a little leap further in my nutrition work. I have reduced my hours in my Marketing job to focus more time on developing this area of my work. It is my true passion and I have loved every step on the journey so far. I worked with some amazing clients during the course of 2016 through individual work and group challenges firmly cementing for me that this is what I need to be doing. This year has started with my not only becoming a member at Chapter 2 but also becoming the In House Nutrition coach, I’m so proud and excited for this new step of my journey! I just want to focus on making the most of this opportunity become a better coach and continue to spread the good word of healthy eating and balance!

2017 I want to spend more time with those I love. My good friends and my family. I’m slowly learning that I spread myself too thinly sometimes and try to do everything for everyone .I’ve always worried about letting people down or what they would think etc. This can be counterproductive sometimes and beneficial to no one! I’m realising in life that you need to be selfish sometimes and prioritise your time and your emotional health. If certain people stress you out or you feel stressed at the thoughts of doing certain things. It’s a sign you need to make some changes. So I plan on being a little more selfish in some ways and more giving of my time and energies in other ways.

2017 with Kettlebelle . I just want to spend more time with Michelle who has become over the course of the last few years one of my biggest inspirations, biggest supporter and best of friends. Great ideas grow from the positive energy that surrounds us when we get together …..all the good vibes! I want this community we have developed to keep getting stronger, sharing stories, supporting each other. I want to keep sharing information, ideas, and tips as I learn more and grow. I hope to introduce more pieces from others in specialised areas that we connect with and think you would all appreciate. 



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