The Little Things


“Appreciate the little things in life because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things”


This is a saying that has really resonated with me for some time now. As I get older I value it more and more.  This year in particular appreciating those little things helped me stay positive even through some shitty circumstances .  There has been a lot of loss both within my extended family and a very dear friend in 2016.  All young people taken by suicide and tragic accidents.  This really shakes you to your core on a lot of levels. You take a look around you at those you love and want to hold them a little tighter or just call/message someone and tell them I love you. Now I go with those instincts (who doesn’t value a hug?)


It makes a lot of the things that stress you out day-to-day seem a little insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  It makes you appreciate and value all the little things that make your life beautiful ,positive and good.


So what does it mean to me exactly to appreciate the little things in life?

I believe it means focussing your attention on the positive, pleasurable, heart-warming, comforting or nurturing aspects of your life.  Taking a break from focusing on stressful, frustrating, annoying unfulfilling or ultimately negative aspects, thoughts or actions.

Social media, TV, advertising and general modern life leads us to compare, contrast ourselves with unrealistic versions of what we think we should be… I am obviously an active user of social media and see that there are benefits and  I can get enjoyment from it too . I like to think I even learn from it at times, but I also waste a lot of time on it and waste a lot of energy and thoughts that are not always beneficial to me mentally. Its pressure.  Posting became such a chore and worry to me for a long time when we started Kettlebelle. I felt very unsure of what to post, when to post if me and my little life/training  etc. was of any interest or value to anyone. I wanted to do something positive and show that if I can make changes anyone can but I was unsure of how to demonstrate that and  yes I worried what people would think.


Precious moment being “best man” at my brothers wedding

So over time I changed my focus to what was really important. My day-to-day life , the people I care about , my dreams and goals and I actively started working my way towards them .  I was busier than ever but less stressed out about it and more appreciative of the simple pleasures and little perfect moments that were scattered amidst all the work! I focused not on what I thought I should be doing , or successful at and focussed on developing the things that really made me happy and fulfilled . Trying to learn to calm my mind and focus on what nourished my mind and soul !

The simple pleasures, the little things are everything.


Christmas market in Toronto with this guy – simply perfect day

They are what we will remember and appreciate when we reflect on days gone by.  A little thing for me could be a moment with family or  friends like my brother’s wedding this year or going to the Rocky Horror show with my mum and sister, both nights filled with so much laughter that left me smiling to myself for days after.  It could be a great brunch with friends, cooking a big steak with my boyfriend on a Saturday night and opening a lovely bottle of red, traveling to Canada and meeting one of my dearest friends little boy for the first time  or meeting my other friends awesome puppy!!


The Awesome puppy Ernie

It can be a fresh winters day , the train home at Christmas , spending time with my parents, a nutrition clients smile when they see how they have progressed , working at something I love , a PB in the gym or simply some days I’m eating my yummy protein oats at my desk sipping on a big coffee after a great session at the gym and I’m thankful ……simply for that moment.

It’s a feeling, simply a feeling sometimes. Warm, wonderful and beautiful in its simplicity.

If you neglect to enjoy these little things, what are you left with? It’s the daily struggles, the disappointments and the disasters or sadness that we will all inevitable encounter.



Life is made of moments not just time passing , don’t make those moments you reflect back on be the stress, strains, loss, stuff you didn’t do or achieve.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t think big or strive for big goals or dreams. I’m not saying don’t work your ass off for what you want to achieve .  I advocate working hard for your dreams/goals. I’m saying don’t miss all those moments that are happening around you just waiting to be appreciated. Don’t miss out on creating positive thoughts and energy for yourself and others.

Not everyone needs to be big in business a top athlete or huge on social media, not everyone wants or needs to be rich and famous!

Life is made up of precious moments, don’t miss them.





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