Sitting 8 hours a day at a desk comes with many problems! Most of them achy backs, tight hips, tight shoulders and stiff necks! Recently I was asked by my workplace to help with mobility and stress relief and so I present…


A few simple stretches you can do at your desk which will help ease out the aches and pains and give you a few minutes to relax:

Kicking off with some shoulder shrugs, sit back and upright in your chair and raise your shoulders for two seconds, relax and repeat x10:

desk desk2

Moving on to your neck (be gentle with this!)

Chin down to your chest and then gently move from side to side – looking down:


Bring your head and neck back into a neutral position and then gently place the opposite hand on your head and apply a tiny amount of pressure – until you feel a small stretch, repeat 4 times:

desk18 desk19

Onto the upper back and shoulders, bending your arm and applying a small amount of pressure to the elbow hold for 10-20 seconds:

desk4 desk3

Now, clasping your hands reach up and over your head – hold for 10-20 seconds:


And then slowly bend either side (this will get those tight obliques too)- repeat 4 times:


Returning back to a normal position, clasp your hands behind your back and slowly bend forward allowing your shoulder to open up – how far forward you can bend will depend solely on your flexibility – DONT force it:

desk12 desk11

And now that achy lower back and hips, slowly pull your knee into your chest and hold for 10-20 seconds, repeat 4 times:

desk7 desk6

Finally gently cross your legs – holding onto the back of your chair SLOWLY twist until you feel a SLIGHT stretch (do not push this) – don’t freak out if your back gently cracks, thats normal, repeat on both sides twice.


I highly recommend adding this to getting out of your seat for a walk every couple of hours where possible. Ladies – ditch the high heels, they hinder a good seated position and hurt your ankle mobility! If you need to wear heels for meetings keep a pair under your desk (that’s what I do).

Speaking of a good sitting position – both of your feet should remain flat on the ground while seated, your computer screen should be at eye level so no hunching over and you should try and be sat upright and at the back of your chair.

Happy Deskercising everyone , Michelle X


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