Train Like a 5yr Old!

When was the last time you missed a lift and laughed hysterically?

When was the last time you couldn’t sleep because you were SO excited to train the next day?

When was the last time you shouted ‘YAY BURPEES’?

When was the last time you ran through the door of the gym and gave your Coach a HUGE hug?

Ok….I’m probably going a little too far with the hug but bear with me while I explain…

Aside from coaching a load of awesome people out at D12 CrossFit I have the absolute honour of running a Kids Club there too. I’ve run numerous Kids Club in both Dance and CrossFit over the last 10 years and the thing that always stands out to me most is just how much FUN the kids I coach have.

Cakes & Cards for Coach!!

Cakes & Cards for Coach!!

You see with kids there’s no ego, there’s no expectation, there’s no competition, there’s nothing other than fun! It occurred to me the other day as I taught a bunch of 5yr old girls how to Snatch (yeah kids can do that!) that whenever they fell over, dropped their PVC pipe or forgot to do their ‘scarecrow arms’ before their ‘YAY’ they would start laughing. And it very suddenly hit Me that whenever I fall over, drop the bar or mess up my technique I do the EXACT opposite – and so do 99% of the adults I’ve ever Coached.


Well we do have ego’s, we do put expectations on ourselves, we do look around and think we should be better and when we do this training can become very very UNFUN (it’s a word I’m sure of it!)



Imagine how you would feel if you missed a lift, laughed it off, didnt care what anyone else thought, didnt care what anyone else was doing, enjoyed the learning and being with people who you liked hanging out with doing something that you love doing – even if it’s not perfect every time. Imagine being excited to go to the gym because you’re going to have FUN, imagine going to the gym with zero expectations on yourself, imagine how FREEING this would be mentally..WOW

I read recently that we do our best in competition when we let our sub-conscious do what it knows to do, what its been trained to do every time you make a good lift/metcon/skill – as adults this is difficult – there are so many storylines going through our heads as we approach lifts, gymnastics, metcons, competitions that all our brainpower goes into the ‘what if’s’ and the ego and the expectation we put upon ourselves.

Sub conscious on point!!!

Sub conscious on point!!!

I can’t help but think that if we let go of these thoughts and trained like a 5yr old our daily gym sessions would be way more enjoyable which can only lead to better results overall? I’m going to give it a go..Im sure the next time I miss a lift I’ll be tested, but really I’ll think back to 5yr old Emma crying with laughter because her PVC pipe went one way and her legs the other when she learnt to Snatch and when I asked was she ok her only response was:

“Yes, can I go again”

Simple – train like a 5yr old, enjoy it, have fun, laugh off the misses and GO AGAIN

Michelle X

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