The definition of success…

As the months and years go by I’ve started to realise that if I define success in my training as PR’s and if I define failure as missed lifts then I’m going to be a very unhappy girl.


Because the beautiful nightmare of CrossFit & Weightlifting is the rollercoaster. Its emotional..damn I’ve left the gym in tears too many times to mention, I’ve also left it bouncing off the walls after a particularly epic session or personal best. I’ve had warm up lifts laugh in my face two days after PR’ing the same lift.

Feeling damn sorry for Myself!

Feeling damn sorry for Myself!

I generally put a training day into one of three buckets – AWESOME – MEH – BAD DAY. It’s easy to define each of these. Awesome was a day I PR’d, Bad Day was a day I missed lifts or skills, Meh was everything else. And as I started to think about this I realised that the majority of my day I left the gym and labelled my performance as ‘Meh’ – fuuuuck! Like that’s not good! Telling yourself over and over again that your performance was ‘MEH’ has absolutely zero positive impact on your performance – or more importantly your mental game.

I read a great book recently ‘How Champions Think’ By Dr Bob Rotella in it he talks about not letting the highs (the wins) get you too high and the lows (the losses) get you too down. He also spoke about having a real love for your sport, a gratitude that you can train and loving the training – even when things aren’t going the way you want too….

Buy this book!

Buy this book!

…And with that I started to think about how I approach my training.

I love CrossFit & Weightlifting, like I LOVE it – do I appreciate getting to train every day? Nope!

Do I think a PR is the best thing in the world EVER? Yep!

Do I think missing a lift is the worst thing in the world EVER? Yep!

Do I obsess over the bad days trying to figure out why everything is going wrong? Yep!

The list goes on and with that I decided to make a change – a small one – because only small changes are truly sustainable…

I asked Myself one simple question:

“What if after every session you picked all the great things that happened and wrote them down”

Simple? Yep!

Effective? Yep!

Easy? NOPE!

I found this really hard to begin with, my whole way of thinking needed to alter, for Me a good thing happening was adding a few kg to a lift or finally nailing a new skill. These things don’t happen every day! But I soon figured it out and all of a sudden I realised that there are so so many ‘wins’ we can get out of our daily training, a few examples I’ve had written down:

Turning up after a tough day in work!

Being brave during a scary lift!

My ankle mobility has improved!

I did overhead squats in my flats!

I didn’t give up on the metcon even though I found it real tough, I pushed through

I didn’t let a missed lift ruin the rest of my training session

Ankle mobility gainzzzzz!

Ankle mobility gainzzzzz!

I’m now able to find at least one positive from every single session in the gym and holy shit it’s changed things for me, how? The main things I’ve noticed so far are:

I NEVER leave the gym disappointed anymore!

Forcing myself to focus on the good ingrains positivity into me which in turn has positively affected my performance – an example… last weekend we were testing, I missed all my Snatch’s I brushed it off knowing i’d find a positive from the rest of the session, next test was Deadlift – PR’d the deadlift – fully focused on the good and the positive.

Deadlift PR!

Deadlift PR!

Guess what happened then…my next training session..Snatch’d the best I have in months (maybe even ever!) This is no co-incidence, Ive often let missed lifts – especially Snatch’s get into my head and then had a bad run of them for months, not any more!! Why? Because I had forgotten about my missed Snatch’s in my previous session – focusing purely on the good!


I had to share with you all, this way of thinking is helping me so so much and I feel if we could all try take at least one positive moment from each of our training sessions we would all have many less of those bad days, many more of the good days and more importantly enjoy our training that little bit more!

Next up for me: I’m going to start doing this about my day – especially those super stressful can’t get out of work in time days. Find the good, find the positive!

Michelle X

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