Want that beach body you can be proud of? Want to be able to just enjoy a carefree summer without worrying about skimpy summer clothes?  

Well  grab your coffee and take 3 mins out of your day ….this may just be the solution!

Ok so clearly their must be a catch in this click bait title , whats the magic trick or sorcery I speak of? With my nutrition and CrossFit qualifications I must have a few tricks up my sleeve to fastrack to summer body ready right?

Well yes in a way I think I  do , my experience in training,  nutrition studies and life  have led me to this 5 step plan that will guarantee you a summer ready body !

Have a body ( Bingo step one complete! )



Appreciate that body for what it has done and can do.

Its got a world of potential that body of yours. Every last bit of it serves a purpose or has a story  ( Stretch marks, wobbly bits, big muscles little muscles , big boobs , small boobs …all of the things!!)

Our bodies are beautifully composed machines capable of wonderful feats, some of which we never get to see because we never try . We lack the confidence in our physical capabilities. We lack confidence in general and hold ourselves back.  Fear of how we might look or failure can hold us back . Fear of what we will look like doing it clouds our rational mind.  Step outside of that fear and give your body the chance to show you how fecking amazing it is!


See yourself through the eyes of those who love and appreciate you

tumblr_lts6l5jwwo1qa3kooo1_500 Have you ever looked at a friend complaining about her fat thighs /thin thighs,  big belly or no butt  and thought , how does she not see how beautiful she is?  Does she not see  nobody but her would notice this unless they were a total arsehole??

Bet you have encountered this numerous times right?? Well you know what that friend, family member , partner thinks exactly the same when you point out your flaws? That’s right, shocker , because you know what they see you as a whole and how beautiful you are in your entirety , they don’t define you by one feature or a mark or a perceived imperfection .  Look at yourself in your entirety inside and out .


Focus on mental and physical health not  just aesthetics


Embracing those big oul thighs and butt at The Waterford Throwdown . Thrusters and Sprints no problemo!

I have spent far too long in my life allowing my thoughts on  physical appearance dictate my self worth .

I wasted so much time worrying about my weight , my big ass and thighs , that my  boobs were too small or my smile was too wonky . These feelings are manifestations of low self esteem and confidence .



I took control of my life and my health both physical and mental , I worked towards getting fit and well . This in turn has led to improved body composition and confidence …I still have a big oul butt and thighs but you know what now I appreciate them for what they help me to do.

200a11fd0394dc6258e2922e419d8b69I  hated pictures of myself where I  thought I looked big ! As my weight has been up and down throughout my life things getting bigger or looking big always brought negative feelings and thoughts.  However recently I saw a photo of my thighs in all their glory mid workout and ye know what this time I was proud of my strong legs that can squat and deadlift and sprint.  I appreciate them  and thought “ooh I look strong!” Then I checked to see if my lats were getting bigger too ( work in progress ….but now getting bigger isn’t always negative : ) )




We have one body and its ours for life , don’t waste your time hating on it . Embrace it for its unique capabilities and attributes . There is no perfect body no matter what the media tries to dictate and even they cant make their minds up , it depends whats being sold!


Saying Feck you to self doubt!

I know its hard to stay positive all the time and not to focus on flaws and imperfections or to worry what people think.  I do the same frequently , but it causes me less and less anxiety and Im learning to deal with it by focussing on myself in my entirety , the positive things that have led me to where I am,  the negatives that have shaped me and the wonderful future and new adventures ahead ( and the gainzz obv).

I try to see myself through the eyes of those who love me not the ones who for whatever reason might view me negatively for a fleeting moment .  Everyone has their battles to fight  some of which are out of our control .

Try to lessen the internal struggle and be a little kinder to yourself.



So if you take anything from this please try …

Love your body and treat it well don’t punish it . 

Train to honour the body you have  to keep it fit, strong and agile for as long as possible.  Dont train to be someone or something else . Train because you want to be a happier , healthier you !

Eat to nourish with health in mind first and foremost but also for taste and enjoyment . Food is one of life’s pleasures . 

Live your life, your way and love yourself in your entirity

Most of all remember a body is not just for summer it’s for life. 





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