Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat….

Its CrossFit Open launch week – YAYYYYY!! We have an amazing interview lined up for you later this week, all about how the Elite Athletes of Ireland train to hit the very top!!


But first..


A little insight into how we manage our training, what we do, when we do it and how do we fit it all in!!!!



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A week in the life of me is pretty hectic but with good planning and some helpful hints along the way I’ve pretty much worked out the best way for me to ensure I can get everything done! I’m going to share a version of a typical week for Me and some helpful things I’ve found to help me balance everything.


I get up at the same time every day – 6am – this means I go to bed early, sleep is one of the most important things for our health and something I’ve overlooked in the past, I try to make sure I’m in bed by half 10 every night. I’m in work for 8am and I’m there until 5:30pm and then it’s straight to CrossFit Ireland for my training!


My week stays very much the same in terms of my training schedule. Whilst I focus on Weight Lifting in my competitive life my Coach Colm O’Reille keeps me on the class CrossFit programming as he incorporates everything I would need anyway into it, we have alot of Olympic Weightlifting and Squat work programmed into our daily classes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.01.13 PM

Bodyweight Squats for Reps FML!

So Monday-Wednesday and on Fridays I do the classes with everyone else. I absolutely adore training with the Team at CrossFit Ireland, they are constant fun, support and motivation and I couldn’t possibly train alone I’d hate it!! Im very lucky that our Coaches push Us to be the very best we can every day.


A typical class will look like this:


Warm Up and Prehab

Gymnastics (5-10 mins)

Strength or Weightlifting Training (30-40 mins)

CrossFit Open/Regionals Benchmark Metcon (10-20 mins)


Once a week I have a Weightlifting personal training session – this is where we work on all the stuff I need to improve on in a competitive arena. My Coach will have seen how my body and mind are performing in classes during the week and will programme my PT based on what he thinks I need to work on. Generally its technical work – you know the stuff that is boring and hard! 😉

My Coach puts my lifts through 'Coaches Eye' for technique. He likes to add educational comments..this one came with "the only thing that would make that Snatch better would be if your wore pink Metcons." LOL!

My Coach puts my lifts through ‘Coaches Eye’ for technique. He likes to add educational comments..this one came with “the only thing that would make that Snatch better would be if your wore pink Metcons.” LOL!


Saturday is generally  ‘max out’ day or high percentages for reps – so basically my ‘let-rip’ day and my most enjoyable session of the week. I would spend around about 2 hours in the gym, half of it drinking coffee and talking shit with the Team, the other half actually doing my programming 😉


Sundays it’s accessory work – generally strict work for whatever my current goal is. As an example right now I’m gunning for a Muscle Up, so I’m doing lots of strict ring pull ups, false grip work, Romanian deadlifts – anything that builds my lat strength really and then I do ALL the core work and ALL the mobility drills to keep me strong, supple and safe!

Shoulder Opener

Shoulder Opener

Thursday is my ‘complete rest’ day and I use that to actually REST, no stretching/mobilising nothing! Absolute down time for my body and mind. I used to train every day and also do double days (morning and evening training) but that type of volume just does not suit me as an athlete. Everyone is different – my Coach worked out that I perform best when I have the energy to go ‘all out’ at every session rather than working at 50% because I’m tired or sore or just not feeling it.


I generally don’t get home from the gym until around 8:30/9pm and the biggest timesaver I’ve found is DropChef. These guys deliver fresh, healthy food daily to my office and each meal takes less than 30 mins to prepare. Check them out!!





My week is pretty jam packed these days! For the most part I have it balanced and know if and when Im taking on too much and when I need to try reign back and relax a little ( took a few  OMFG overwhelming head explodey incidents).  Its great having Michelle to talk to about it all as we are both similarly balancing the training, learning, working , blogging life and need to be told its ok to chill sometimes!  When you love the things you do though and truly have a passion for it you find a way! Might be the scenic route but you find it 🙂



Getting my jerk on at Personal Programming

Aside from weekends I wake up between 5 am and 6.30 am every morning .  I make an effort to get to bed before 10pm . I have been managing this well of late however admittedly sleep is something I can struggle with as I find it hard to switch off . . It’s a work in progress and steadily improving. I have to be strict on myself in regards to  internet activity at bed time and the likes! I’m finding doing a ROMWOD or reading before sleep helps.

My training schedule is pretty set at the moment although I occasionally change it up.

I train at CrossFit Perpetua Dublin and Andy Ewington – Adroit Fit is my coach .

I do a combination of 3 x CrossFit classes, an Olympic lifting specific class and 3 x personal programming sessions a week . I take 2 rest days and 2 of my training days are double days.

My current schedule

  • Monday – CrossFit 6.30 am
  • Tuesday – CrossFit 6.30 am / Olympic Lifting 7pm
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 7am Personal Programming
  • Friday – 7 am Personal Programming / 5pm CrossFit class
  • Saturday – 10/11 am Personal programming
  • Sunday – Rest ( Eating, blogging and baking for time )

My class work varies but a class will be constructed of :

  • Warm up – Approx 10 mins tailored to our session
  • Strength or Skill – Weightlifting  or Gymnastics primarily or the progressions required to obtain the specific lifts or gymnastic movements.  Usually takes up 20/30 mins
  • Then the WOD or workout ( Anywhere between 5-40 mins )

So the WOD can be Metabolic conditioning , interval training etc. Typically a combination of gymnastic, plyometric  or weightlifting movements combined together  with  running, rowing or assault bike in there on occasion too !

Using last Monday as an example :

  • Strength – Back Squat 3-5 reps @ 41X1 ( 4 second count down ) rest 2 mins x 4 sets
  • Wod – 21 minute AMRAP – 15 Squat cleans @ 40Kg ,2 strict pull ups, 2 strict ring dips & 95 double unders

Personal programming I do alone without a coach  . My coach sends me workouts that he tailors  around my classwork and specific needs.

For example I have had issues with scapular strength and stability so i will have a lot of accessory work like the Powell raise to help me develop this area. Its much more strength and skill focussed with a lot of squats which I love 🙂 !

He includes a lot of  gymnastic and olympic lifting work  too as these are areas I wish to improve. These will mostly be oly drills at a light weight focussing on movement. With gymnastics he would give me a lot of strict work like pull ups and dips along with pike push ups . \

These sessions rarely have a “wod”yay!   Occasionally they will have rowing or assault bike interval work ….on these occasions the struggle is real! But tis to make me more powerful …grrrrrr 🙂

Ill send my coach videos from these sessions and report back , weights, times etc via the app he uses to programme for me and his other Personal programming athletes. On occasion he will be lurking around keeping an eye on me calling me out on any dodgy reps . (He sees all)


I squat a lot! This was a lovely set of 3 at 90kg with 3 strict pull ups between sets . Lots of strict work in my personal programming to get me strong !


This is an area I am trying to give more and more focus. I used to fit yoga in once a week and my body liked getting that full on stretch in. Recently I’ve taken to doing ROMWOD and I’m managing to fit it in about 4 days a week . Thankfully I’m already seeing progression in the ROMWOD stretches . The dance training from my youth helping there!

I’ve had some hip related issues in the past so I’m trying to make sure to do release work and stretching more regularly. The goal is to get back to yoga once a week again soon ……just need one more day in the week 🙂


Taking the time to play around with gymnastics work is something I make time for these days .


Ah this is such a big part of my life ! I recently qualified as a nutritional adviser and I’ve continued my studies since then.  I love food , eating , cooking , feeding ! I always prep my breakfast for post training if Im doing a morning session . This is typically overnight oats  typically just 50 grams oats, with almond milk , chia seeds , whey and berries.

Pre morning sessions I always snack on something even if it’s just a banana or a homemade protein ball or nakd bar . I find I function better with something small mostly carb/protein based in my belly . I sway away from too high fat a snack as it wont sit well with me pre training.

Post training I always have a shake with just whey , creatine and water (on a double day I only have a shake post morning session). I eat my breakfast post morning session unless its Saturday when I don’t train till 10/11 am and I’ll have my breakfast before that session . Typically poached eggs on gluten-free toast. I am a creature of habit with this and rarely mix it up !

I try to cook my dinner or have it prepared every evening this is usually meat and vegetable based. I make a lot of stir fries, chilis , soups and fritatas . I don’t always get round to meal prepping lunch but find as I work city centre there are some good spots these days for healthy lunch options and it gets me out of the office for a leg stretch!


Even if it’s just a 10 minute omelette , Ill try to cook or have a nutritious evening meal prepared for myself

Weekends I love to cook with my boyfriend (big steak fans) or go out for lovely brunch . Food is at the centre of our  weekends and something we both enjoy …along with a lovely red wine here and there!

As you know from the blog I enjoy making healthier treats and pre/post workout snacks so all of my baking and creating happens on the weekend too!


Some of my yummy creations ..peanut butter cookies 🙂


Rest days are mobility , blog writing , recipe creating , spending time with loved ones and reading up on Nutrition course work for my next qualification with Precision Nutrition starting in April!














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