Supplements series – Tips on choosing your Sports Supplement

Supplements series – Tips on choosing your Sports Supplement


Continuing on from my previous blog regarding the supplements I take and why I take them I thought I would write some tips on choosing Sports supplements and knowing if they actually do what they claim!

There are a lot of products out there that make fantastic claims and sound like they will be performance game changers but not all of these supplements have been proven to work .

It can be very confusing so hopefully this blog might help you a little bit in understanding how/why to choose a certain supplement .


There are guidelines and grades for supplements based on their performance in controlled studies  . Research changes and develops so its best to keep up to date on current guidelines regarding supplements you are considering trying.  Don’t assume that the claims are true and/or proven .



So what questions should you ask yourself when evaluating claims? 

1. Does the claim make sense?

2. Is it supported by strong scientific evidence?

3. Is it safe and legal?

Understanding supplement classifications . 

Classifying Supplements AIS classifications (Australian Sports Commission) :

Group A: Approved supplements (please see linked list at end of blog)

Group B: Supplements under consideration

Group C: Supplements that have no clear proof of beneficial effects

Group D: banned supplements


ISSN Guidelines (International Society of Sports Nutrition) :

I. Apparently effective

II. Possibly effective

III. Too early to tell

IV. Apparently ineffective



You should always research your supplements and ensure they are suitable for you , your chosen sport and lifestyle.  Be aware of potential side effects as well as the benefits.

Focus on your hydration, sleep, nutrition and quality of training first . Supplements are not a magic potion , just support and performance enhancement when used correctly.


So supplement smart and smash those workouts



Support Info

Group A Supplements AIS :



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