Tis the season to celebrate with family , friends, coworkers ! It’s a wonderful time of the year and its great to relax and indulge , we need it sometimes. However overindulgence over the whole festive season ends up leaving you feeling down , sluggish and drained.

I believe there is a balance where you can indulge without ending up totally going AWOL from your normal health and fitness goals.  Missing a few gym sessions , drinking and eating a little more will not derail your long-term goals and a few weeks back to your normal routine will have you right back to badassery but applying a few little Fitmas tips will keep you feeling fit and festive!


  1. Stay active :  If you can still hit the gym or go for walks with family and friends as catch ups. If you are feeling sluggish after a night out a walk will clear your head and light exercise will help. There is always something active you can do . Sure the dance floor will be calling as well!
  2. Hydration:  Water will be your friend over the festive season. It will help give you a feeling of satiety if you have a glass before meals . So often we confuse thirst for hunger . When on a festive night out rotate one alcoholic drink for water / sparkling water with a slice of lime. This will slow down your alcohol consumption  reducing calories and hangover!
  3.  Eat before you go out : This will help reduce poor food choices when out or after a night out and also help prevent the booze kicking in too quickly leading to poor choices! Try to have a healthy protein packed meal with fibre rich veggies some fats and carbs ! Dancing fuel (activity :))
  4. Small portions and eat slowly : If you want to taste everything then do that don’t deprive yourself . However this does not mean you need a full serving of every dish at the table . Take your time and allow yourself a little of every item ( a couple of bites) then load up on healthier items like veggies and turkey to get full! Think a tablespoon of stuffing , a tablespoon of gravy 1-2 roast potatoes then lots of veg and turkey ! Then eat your food slowly and savour it , this will give your brain a chance to catch up on your belly  and realise you are full.
  5. Alcohol :  When it comes to packing on christmas kg’s alcohol is the big culprit . It’s high calorie , lowers blood sugar which in turn triggers hunger and also makes us more likely to make bad late night food choices.  In saying that you can still enjoy some festive tipple’s without going totally over the top. Choose bubbles or white spirits with soda water if you want to keep the calories down on a night out. Rotate drinks with water to keep you hydrated . If you fall foul of a hangover make sure to get the fluids in the next day and have yourself some eggs for breakfast !!



ABOVE ALL ELSE ENJOY!!! Happy happy fitmas



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