The Perfect Body

I don’t know one person who is 100% happy with their body – not one.. Myself included! Now I’d like to think that supermodels & athletes love their bodies – sure most of us aspire to look like them right!? But in my experience they don’t – I was a model and Im now an athlete – I’ve never been happy with my body and I am yet to meet another model or athlete that has said to me ‘there is nothing I would change about my body’.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.02.55 AM

It’s not just women I’m talking about here either – I’m yet to meet anyone who thinks their body is achieving EXACTLY what it should be – or what they want it to do! Honestly I think it’s just human nature to want what we don’t have and I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with having a goal you want to achieve, but what happens when this goal becomes an unhealthy obsession? How do we even know if we have an unhealthy obsession with our body image?

Whats starting to concern me is the obsession for abs, to be ripped, to look like every single fitness model you see on Instagram/Facebook/in Magazines – the under-eating and overtraining done by young girls (and guys) who have not been educated on how to fuel their bodies whilst training hard because they want to look like their #fitspo

How is this any different to young girls starving themselves to look like the size 4 model on the front of some high fashion magazine back when that was ‘cool’ ?! In short, it’s not..

#strongisthenewskinny – it’s a hashtag I’ve come to hate, it goes hand in hand with #absaremadeinthekitchen.  BOTH of these I’ve used (alot) – especially when I was obsessed with having abs. Oh yeah that happened!!! You see me – like alot of newbie fitness people associated abs with fitness and health – if I had abs I was strong right?? And strong is the new skinny so I just HAD to be that!! I would take photos of my stomach pretty much once a week – restrict my calories, train my ass off and hold out hope for my abs to ‘pop anytime now’ and slowly but surely all the training I was doing in CrossFit started to dip. My lifts became harder, I didnt have the energy to finish Metcon’s and I felt pretty shit.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.47.40 AMThis is when I started learning about eating for performance. As I began to fuel my body correctly everything changed and I started to perform well in my training sessions. You see my body needs calories – it needs ALOT of them. Im a weightlifter, which means I train to lift as much weight as I possibly can on competition day. Being underfed with low energy is in no way going to help me achieve this.


Back to the point tho – I rambled, sorry!


What is the perfect body anyway?? If athletic is how you want to look then what does athletic actually look like?? Well…that’s the thing…have a look at these ladies….

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.58.16 AM

So, what do you see? I see women of all shapes and sizes and disciplines all looking very different. Why? Because we are all indeed different, we have our own genetics at play, our training methods and the way we fuel our bodies – each and every one of these things contributes to how we look.

So why chase what someone else looks like? You know – you’re never going to be a carbon copy of someone else, it’s not going to happen. Rather than that how about accepting yourself and setting some realistic goals that will help you be the healthiest, strongest, happiest version of YOURSELF?

I’ve been doing this recently – now, it’s not easy, there are definitely days I look in the mirror and wish I was ripped to shreds but my genetics and training and the way I fuel my body means that I’m always going to sit at around the body fat percentage I am now because it will enable me to perform the lifts I want to perform.

I chose my performance on the platform over my perceived reflection in the mirror, I chose to love my body for what it could do rather than what it looked like.
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.44.48 AMYou know the ironic part of all of this? Fuelling my body correctly and training hard has actually given me that athletic figure I was striving for when I was in constant calorie deficits. But now Im happier, Im not hungry and Im not obsessed with whether or not I have a 6 pack.

I believe we all need to stop being so damn hard on ourselves! And I believe that once you are healthy and happy then that is what is actually beautiful. Confidence – wear it with pride ❤

Michelle X


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