Post Holiday Blues



This is something I have felt to varying degrees over the years but never really had the ten ton truck of melancholy hit me after a holiday… that is until now!

It had been a while since I had a proper long holiday . Its actually over 2 years since I took more than a few days off work and really switched off.  The excitement on the build up to the trip was immense. Not only was I going to catch up with old friends , I was also getting to share in the wedding of 2 wonderful people too! So much awesome!! Oh the giddiness!

Finally the day arrived and myself and Andy ( My Kiwi better half) headed off to sunny Toronto ! (after this summer once it hit the 20’s for us it was positively tropical) 12036791_10153486609851131_1866013315813071305_n

I have spent time working in Toronto and revist friends there when I can  so it was fun this time to be a tourist and share the trip with someone who had never been there .

I got the best of both , tourist time and reunions with friends. This best of both scenario however  had the added bonus blues points of the dreaded …goodbyes!



12002812_10153485254286131_3082450289561348924_n                                                           Between sunshine, weddings, reunions, wods, wine tours, waterfalls , great food  and dear friends we could not have asked for a better 2 weeks!

I was riding high on the vaycay happiness! Nothing could burst my bubble! Watch out world, I’m recharged and ready for action! Just one more ice cream for the road!

We had to come slap bang wallop back to reality.


Full throttle post holiday blues, how the hell are ya!

Suddenly stressful situations become, heart racing OMFG how can I deal with this shit?!?

You start questioning , your work, life decisions , general sanity and decision making capabilities! ( Am I  shit  at adulting? )

Training related anxieties occur.  Whats wrong with me? Why have I lost the ability to do anything remotely skill based…I had kipping pull ups , where are my pull ups …Did you take my pull ups? Arrhhhhgghhhh ILL NEVER KIP AGAIN!!!

Ahem …excuse me…Im still in recovery !

Less dramatically put you may feel

  • Tiredness or restlessness, perhaps nervous energy that distracts you from focusing on any single thing
  • Loss of appetite or increase in appetite
  • Sadness, tears and feeling blue
  • Strong feelings of nostalgia
  • Inability to settle down and do your usual tasks or work feeling uneasy
  • Anger
  • Anxiety

I decided I needed to tackle this head on so here are some tips that I found beneficial to righting myself and kicking blues booty!

I put on my Ronda Rousey Don’t be a D.N.B t-shirt and got myself motivated ! (T-shirt probably not necessary but you get the sentiment  ) 


Resolving those feels :

  • Expect to feel blue after an amazing vacation, understand this is normal and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Think about how your vacation experience can help you make small positive changes in your life.
  • Share your experience with friends or family. Also share how you are feeling since you got back. I personally found going for dinner with some of my close girlfriends so cathartic. We put the world to rights over tapas ,wine, chat and obligatory selfies!


  • Nutrition – this is as always a big one for me. I didn’t go crazy eating and drinking on my trip but I didn’t stick to my normal eating regime.I was a lot less consistent with meal timing and far more generous with myself on treats and wine. This had a huge effect on how I felt. While on the scales I didn’t see much of a change, mentally and physically I felt icky (technical term). Getting back into consistent healthy eating made me feel better within 2-3 days. My body and mind thanked me. Mood and energy were greatly improved. I can’t emphasise this point enough. Food will have a huge impact on all aspects of your health !


  • Exercise –  Get back into your training regime asap. Accept that you may have to scale back a little as you ease back into it all , but get back to it! This will do wonders for your mood. It won’t take long to get back to where you were at, your gains are not gone, they just took a little rest with you!

The first few days after I got back I was very out of whack training, but each session I felt better , stronger and more like myself. 1 week on my team came 3rd in our In House Team comp RX.  I even hit a clean PB ( bodyweight finally) . I’m still a little out of whack on skills like my kipping pull ups but I know another week or 2 and I’ll get my mojo back. New strengths and skills are tough and need to be worked on and developed. We need to accept that (tough I know , the hissy fits have happened). Ups and downs are part of the journey.

  • Sleep, at all times good sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy fit happy life. We all struggle with this I think in our busy lifestyles but it’s the first thing we should try to fix. A rested body and mind will be happier.
  • Spend time around family and friends to ease yourself back into normal life. They can be a source of great support as well as being keen listeners to your tales; ask for hugs when in need. I’m all about the hugs
  • Give yourself a few days before making any big decisions as you may have a “the grass is always greener” idea after your trip and the impulse to upend everything and make some big changes. Wait a bit …let your mind settle and normality return!

So simply put, eat well, get lots of hugs, exercise, sleep and spend time with good friends and you will shift those holiday blues!



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