Confessions of a ‘fit’ girl…

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Woah woah woah woah woah!!!!


Can I just take a moment to say that I hate myself sometimes...not in a body shaming, insecure, god I’m awful way but in a “oh my god eat the fucking chocolate cake, drink the vodka, lay on the couch all day girl” type of way. Does that make sense?! Probably not, I’ll try and explain…

Being fit and healthy, promoting a healthy way of life, pushing your body to the limits pretty much every day, eating clean, setting goals and relentlessly going after them…its hard, its really fucking hard. Its all consuming, almost obsessional. Chasing goals, PR’s, abs, trying to figure out what the hell to post on Instagram and more importantly what filter to use!!!  😉

And yet…..I promote health and fitness, I pride myself in supporting women in fitness, health and fitness is my passion..jesus I even Coach Kids.. so here is where my problem often lies.. Often I feel like this dodgy imposter in a world full of kale eating, chai latte drinking, 8 pack owning, absolute RIDES of fit chicks when all I really wanna do is lay on the couch eating cake and watching re-runs of Friends.


Hey, I’m Michelle and here are my confessions:Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.19.21 PM

  • I eat chocolate
  • I drink vodka
  • I skip training sessions
  • I’ve never eaten kale in my life
  • I can’t even pronounce quinoa and I think it tastes like shit
  • My coffee intake is too high and my water intake is too low

And now I’ve ‘come out’ I’m gonna tell how I’ve become totally ok with all of this..

Self Acceptance & Balance

I believe the key to my happiness is self-acceptance and balance, every good relationship requires balance – this includes my relationship with myself (my most important relationship). The opposite to this would be self-loathing and extremes – and I don’t ever want to be like that!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.27.27 PMI balance my lifestyle with an 80/20 approach, 80% of the time I eat clean, train hard, drag myself out of bed when its raining and live an all encompassing healthy & fit way of life. 20% of the time – I don’t. Simple as that! I accept that to be happy I need balance. I don’t beat myself up on those days I just really don’t want to know those days? Well sometimes it’s actually your body saying ‘back up,Im tired’

If I want a chocolate croissant for my breakfast on a Saturday hell yeah I’m gonna have one – I just busted my ass in the gym for the last 6 days!! Those weekends when I have a few vodkas and end up dancing on a table to Rudimental, yeah I’m ok with them too. Why? Because I live a balanced life and that was my 20% not that healthy for my body but very healthy for my mind time. I let loose, I have fun with my friends, I bond, I laugh, I dance – I NEED all this in my life too.

But what about the #fitfam ????

You know what…I am blessed to know and call friends a serious amount of beautiful, fit, strong, healthy, kale eating, chai latte drinking, 8 pack owning, RIDES of fit chicks and guess what….

They’re all balanced too!!!!!! I’ve even shared burgers and ice cream with them!! #icanteven

If you take anything from this little piece I would like you to know that Social Media is generally pretty one sided..actually..Social Media is completely one sided. ALL media is. On Social Media people present you with what they want you to see. Like seriously, when was the last time you saw someone post a ‘sunday morning walk of shame with one heel of your stiletto hanging off and panda eyes’ selfie?? #nofilter

Hating on yourself because you’ve just scrolled past a photo of your fave fit chick supping on green tea and looking amazing is a waste of your very precious time, hating yourself because you went out the night before or skipped a training session – same story. Trust me the green tea supping fit chick you look up to – she has those days too, she just may choose not to share them with you,thats all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 1.19.12 PM

So with this in mind..go forth and be balanced, go forth and love yourself, go forth and remember we’re all the same and we all feel like packing it all in sometimes! One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was this…

“Own your vices, you’re not a failure because you chose to work hard during the week and let your hair down on the weekend. That’s called being human.”

Michelle x

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