The Power Position

As I learn more about Weightlifting and as I gear up to start competing (eek!) Im going to try and share as many useful tips as I can to help you with your Snatch and  Clean & Jerk.

Learning how to execute the correct Power Position has been imperative to me getting speed under the bar and in completing lifts.

So, what is the Power Position?

Its the point during the Snatch or Clean & Jerk that the torso is erect, knees slightly bent, feet flat and the bar is in contact with the top of the thighs.

Correct Snatch Power Position

Correct Snatch Power Position

When performed correctly it allows the bar to stay close to the body, generate enough exertion to get the bar overhead, allows the thighs to accelerate the bar as vertically as possible and allows the lifter to get into the optimal position to catch the bar.

How Power Position Snatch & Clean Drills have helped me..

Practicing  Snatch and Clean & Jerk from the Power Position has helped me with learning to keep the bar close, to pull my elbows back and with getting under the bar at speed. Its also really difficult (you wont be pulling your 1RM from the Power Position) the bar is heavy from this position so personally its given me loads of confidence – I know if I can perform a good,fast Snatch from the Power Position at 35kg then I wont have any problem getting under 40Kg+  soon. With my Clean it has helped me keep the bar close to my body rather than the ‘bend’ (and hip bruises!) that would happen by bringing my hips into the bar – this would result in me being pulled forward and either not catching the Clean or half catching it and falling forward.

Looking for more information?

Feel free to email us at or call into one of our CrossFit box’s for a session with one of our Coaches:

Colm O’Reilly at CrossFit Ireland or Andy Ewington at CrossFit Perpetua Dublin



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