My top 5 Kitchen Gismo’s

My top 5 Kitchen Gismo’s

As you know I love to cook so spending time in the kitchen is a total pleasure for me . I have in the last year gotten some awesome little gadgets that I really love and have found to be staples for me in my foodie adventures.

I think at least 4 of these were gifts  from friends , family and my lovely boyfriend ! They all know me to well !


So heres my top 5 Barbelle Cafe Gadgets and Gismos!


1. My Andrew James Crepe Maker 

andrew james crepe maker

Pancake game changer! If you love pancakes get one of these bad boys . Perfect every time and its so easy to clean afterwards . Fuss free impressive brunch making aid!

2. Spiralizer 



Amazing way to fancy up your veggies for a salad or to make healthy pasta substitutes like sweet potato noodles and courgetti ( Zoodles)

3. Bullet Blender/ Nutri Bullet 


So handy to rustle up dips, sauces, smoothies , juices and soups!

4. Crock Pot 


Such an easy healthy way to prepare amazing tasty food. I love doing shredded beef in mine . So many brilliant recipes online too . Soups, stews , Pulled pork etc !

5. Fyffes Pineapple slicer

pineapple slicer

I absolutely love pineapple and me and Andy( the boyfriend ) always have pineapple with our weekend breakfasts. This fantastic little gadget makes slicing your pineapple so simple . Perfect pineapple rings every time!


Happy cooking Kettlebelles






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