Glenisk Greek Style 0% Fat High Protein yogurt – Kettlebelle Review!

Glenisk Greek Style 0% Fat High Protein yogurt – Kettlebelle Review!


We were delighted  to receive a fantastic goodie bag full of deliciousness  from the crew at Glenisk to put to the Kettlebelle test!

We are always looking for nutritionally balanced snacks to add variety to our daily eating plans and guarantee we are well fed and energized to fuel our busy days!

Greek yogurt has been a staple for both me and Michelle due to the high protein content and it makes a welcome addition to breakfast, pre or post workout snacks or as a healthier treat. We both opt for the fat free varieties as it provides a lower fat and calorie option.

 *we both are big advocates of healthy fat in the diet and make sure to get enough through other sources

We were excited to see Glenisk a much loved Irish company come up with a Greek Style yogurt that offers the benefits of low calorie, 0 fat and high protein!

One worry I tend to have when fat is removed from a product that sugar will be added to compensate. I was delighted to see that the plain version has but 2 ingredients – skimmed milk and cultures.  The fruit versions have got sugar added to them but it is a small amount and they all still stand at approx 100 calories per 150 gram pot. The vanilla version however is sweetened naturally with Agave which was a welcome surprise too!

This product is high protein and we all know the importance of adequate protein to build muscle and aid recovery and repair. You are looking at approx 10 grams of protein per 100 gram pot of yogurt which is at least double your average yogurt and a delicious way to add extra protein to your diet. Few snacks have this amount of protein at 100 calories.


The Taste Test!

Michelle sampled the strawberry and blueberry yogurts and had them as pre workout snacks with wyldsson yogurt topping. Both got her seal of approval and the addition of the topping created the perfect fuel for her training while still being light enough not to cause sluggish fullness which is no craic at the gym!

I definitely did well out of this review! I was very lucky to get the mango and passion fruit, rhubarb and raspberry 150 gram tubs to try ( I shared with my boyfriend I swear).

They were delicious thick and creamy. They do not taste fat free and are the perfect little after dinner treats. A healthy dessert alternative! They would be delicious with protein pancakes as a topping!

The rest of my stash was 4 tubs of 100 gram natural 0 % and a large 450 gram tub of vanilla. These however came with a challenge! As I love to cook and create new healthy eats and treats, we decided it would be a fab idea to use the products in sweet and savoury recipes!

They were very successful, healthy, and delicious and protein filled! I’ve no doubt I will be using these products in more of my concoctions.


Our first recipe will be up this  Foodie Friday, so check it out and give it a shot yourself!

The Final verdict:

All in all these products get 4 Kettlebelle thumbs up and we are more than happy to recommend them.




For more information on these and other products from Glenisk go to:


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