Hidden Coffee Calories

Coffee-brisbane-25It is a well known fact that the only way to loose fat is to consume less calories than you burn. Many of us count our daily calorie intake and are very careful about what we eat but when was the last time you thought about the calories you DRINK?
These ‘hidden’ calories are often not built into our daily food prep or planning and can have a huge impact on our overall intake.
Im a HUGE coffee lover, I easily drink 6 cups a day but up until recently I hadn’t considered the impact of a cappuccino on my daily calorie intake. To make better informed decisions I researched* this and now Im sharing the results. Long story short my 6 cappuccinos a day has turned into 2 americano’s šŸ˜‰
Cappuccino – 120 calories
Latte – 190 calories
Mocha – 290 calories
Flat White – 180 calories
Americano – 11 calories
In comparison a Snickers bar is 250 calories…a packet of Malteasers 156 calories
So, enjoy your coffee! But if your like me and are drinking 6 cappuccinos a day I would suggest cutting back…if you cant bear to cut back ensure your adding these onto your overall daily calorie intake.
*based on Starbucks ‘Grande’ for all drinks

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