Dun Laoghaire Farmers Market

dl7Im a firm believer in buying local, fresh and organic when and wherever possible. Its not always the most convenient thing to do – lets face it most supermarket chains have everything you need in one place and its generally cheaper to buy processed foods. I find though, that the benefits far outweigh the perceived ‘hassle’ and ‘expense’ of consuming organic foods. Only when purchasing food that is not processed do we really know what we are eating – for example a jar of Dolmio Pasta Sauce contains 6 and a half cubes of sugar however my own home-made pasta sauce contains 0 sugar – and it tastes better, even if I do say so myself!!
I love to find new and interesting places to do my weekly organic meat, fruit & veg shop!
This week I went to check out the Dun Laoghaire Farmers Market and got way more than I had bargained for! dl3
Not only is there an amazing selection of Irish food to fill your cupboards with but its a beautiful set up with live music, food stalls, clothes stalls, antiques, books and much much more!! There is also a great Fallon & Byrne ‘on-site’ serving outstanding coffee and lunch!
Soooo what did I get??
First up I found a great stall selling all natural yoghurts – big massive tubs of it for €3!! Thats breakfast sorted for the week!!
dl5I found a great local butcher who did an amazing deal on organic meats: The ‘Family Pack’ or what I like to call the ‘Crossfitters Pack’ contains 4 mince beef burgers, 4 chicken fillets, 1lb mince and 1lb of sausages and he happily swapped out the sausages for an extra 2 chicken breasts! 🙂 The whole thing cost €20 and I added a pack of 6 organic eggs for an extra €2..dl4
Next up – fruit & veg..its important when buying organic to remember that you will only get ‘in season’ fruit and veg and it wont last as long as your standard ‘store’ bought so dont buy too much! I got gorgeous vine tomatoes, spring onions, red onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli and kale. I spent €18
dlA little extra surprise – I found this amazing stall called Wild about that was selling organic, homemade dressings, chutneys and sauces. The lady was so enthusiastic and really knew her stuff – explaining all of the ingredients in all of the sauces and dressings and giving recommendations for meats etc that they go well with – lots of freebie tasting was done too! I splurged and purchased a beautiful lemon salad dressing, raw wexford honey and raspberry chutney (which is AMAZING on chicken by the way!!) – total cost €12 dl6
Weekly shop completed! The only store bought items I get are rice, almond milk, cat food and toiletries – which usually cost me around €30 in total.
So….I had an awesome day out listening to live music, sitting in the sun drinking coffee, went for a walk along the beach, stopped at Fallon & Byrne for a very fancy tuna wrap and managed to get my weekly food shop done at the same time – not much ‘hassle’ involved in that! In fact I would class it as an amazing day out!! And the total cost of a fully stocked Organic cupboard and fridge…. €55


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