The Meeting House – Kettlebelle’s Night out Review

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Since Kettlebelle kicked off in October we never really had a chance to raise more than a barbell together and celebrate our little community. So a few weeks ago myself and Michelle decided to ditch the trackies and have a glam girlie night out with some amazing food and a few cocktails.

We wanted to try somewhere new that had a food offering that was interesting , nutritious and not excessively bold ( treats don’t have to be complete blow outs!! ) .

As a total lover of all things food I try to keep an eye on new venues and concept restaurants opening up in the city and I had taken note of a very interesting new spot opened up just before Christmas in Temple Bar.

The Meeting House caught my eye online for several reasons. The theme and brand “Eat Drink Music Art” slick, dark and funky imagery. Red and black striking branding and culturally diverse pieces of art kept coming into my newsfeed; I liked it and wanted to know more! Im a sucker for some slick branding!

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They took their time getting all the elements right choosing the menus, training the staff, developing the cocktails and sourcing the art. They drip fed my facebook newsfeed with food and cocktail images that begged to be tried!

The menu is Burmese food done tapas style, which I love. It’s great to get to try lots of different dishes and share. They offer an entire gluten free menu option and the dishes are comprised of top quality produce and very nutritionally balanced. You can choose to eat very well here, which I love. They also cater well for meat lovers and veggies with a very balanced, nutritionally conscious selection of dishes.

On entering myself and Michelle were greeted very warmly and put immediately at our ease. The venue was slick, stylish and very funky but retained a very welcoming and non pretentious air.

We were seated and shown menus offering a selection of exquisite dishes meat, seafood and vegetarian options very well covered! Our knowledgeable waiter was able to discuss all elements with us and talked us through the offerings. All dishes were €9.99 with an option of 3 for €27, 4 for €35 and 6 for €49. We wanted to try as much as we could and both like our grub so we went for 6 plates!

We couldn’t fault one of our choices, they were all exceptional. The balance of flavors was simply stunning, layer upon layer of flavor with no overwhelming spice. We tried peppered beef, thinly sliced seared sirloin with Asian greens and a secret meeting house salsa Verde! This was a standout dish for both of us, beautiful quality meat cooked to perfection. We also had the crab salad with mango strips which was a fresh and wonderful combination, and then the steamed sea bass was perfectly cooked in a light tasty broth with subtle spice infusions.

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For our veggie elements we chose the tofu scallops as Michelle had never ordered tofu out before and I as an ex veggie have embraced tofu as a staple in my life for many years! This dish was delicious the seared tofu pieces were full of flavor with tamarind, chili and soy layers on a bed of delicious black kale and Asian greens. I think this could convert anyone to try and enjoy tofu! We also added some jasmine vegetable rice which was cooked to perfection with fluffy rice and crunchy veggies!

Finally we had the coconut chicken curry which was a mild but rich and delicious curry again a dish with layers!

For dessert we sampled and shared a selection of mini desserts. They did not disappoint however we were pretty full at this stage and struggled to finish the desserts. When the main event was that good it’s tough to keep room for dessert!

However we did sample the cocktails. You cannot go to the Meeting House and not try their cocktails. They had a well thought out balanced menu with a clear, cool style that’s very much on point with the current trends in the cocktail world. Manager Aaron Wall is one of the best in the business and what he doesn’t know about cocktails probably isn’t worth knowing! The Tommy Margarita was my personal fave as I do like tequila and it was only lightly sweetened with agave. They also make their own orchard syrup a natural sweetener from apples which they use to sweeten the Irish Apple Mojito. So if you are watching your sugar intake or are a Paleo fan then these cocktails are perfect options for you! The Porn Star Martini is also worth a try as a little cocktail treat.

All in all we give the Meeting House 2 huge thumbs up from both of us!

Make time to check it out for yourself and see how eating out can fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Essex St temple bar

For Bookings:

Ph: 01-6703330

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