This Easter I’m going to celebrate the Egg and not the chocolate kind (ok I might have some of the chocolate kind too)!

Eggs are probably one of the few foods that can actually claim the Super food title!

They are tasty versatile and loaded with nutrients!

Here are a ½ dozen benefits of the humble little egg! So bake em, scramble , boil or poach but get some into your weekly diet!

avocado eggs

  1. ‘Eggs’tremly Nutritious

Eggs are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

A single large boiled egg contains

  • Vitamin A
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B2
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Eggs also contain decent amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc.

This is coming with 77 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fat.

Eggs also contain various other trace nutrients that are important for health.

  1. Eggs Are High in Cholesterol, but They Don’t Adversely Affect Blood Cholesterol

It is true that eggs are high in cholesterol

However… it’s important to keep in mind that cholesterol in the diet doesn’t necessarily raise cholesterol in the blood

The liver actually produces large amounts of cholesterol every single day. When we eat more eggs, the liver just produces less cholesterol instead, so it balances out. Therefore eggs do not have an adverse effect on cholesterol in the blood for most people.

  1. Eggs Raise HDL (The “Good”) Cholesterol

HDL stands for High Density Lipoprotein. It is often known as the “good” cholesterol.

People who have higher levels of HDL usually have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and various health problems Eating eggs is a great way to increase HDL.

  1. Eggs Contain Choline                                                                                                                           Choline is a nutrient that most people don’t even know exists.

Yet, it is an incredibly important substance that is often grouped with the B vitamins.

Choline is used to build cell membranes and has a role in producing signalling molecules in the brain, along with various other functions.

  1. Eggs Are High in Quality Protein, With All the Essential Amino Acids in the Right Ratios

Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body.

They’re used to make tissues that serve both structural and functional purposes.

Getting adequate protein in the diet is very important .Eggs are an excellent source of protein, with a single large egg containing 6 grams.

Eggs contain all the essential amino acids in the right ratios, so our bodies are well equipped to make full use of the protein in them.

Eating adequate protein can help with maintaining a healthy weight, increasing muscle mass & lowering blood pressure,

  1. Eggs Are Highly Fulfilling and Tend to Make You Eat Fewer Calories, Helping You to Lose/maintain weight 

Eggs are incredibly fulfilling.

They are a high protein food… but protein is by far the most fulfilling macronutrient Eggs score high on a scale called the satiety index, which measures the ability of foods to induce feelings of fullness and reduce subsequent calorie

If all of this doesn’t get you craving some eggs check out this list of fab egg based recipes from to keep it ‘egg ‘citing (click the fritatta! )


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