Want Pull Ups??

pull upsTo get your first pull up what you want to do is build strength. This means operating at 80%+ of your max effort at a minimum. Ring rows are one of the most effective methods to build strength and are easily varied in intensity by changing your positioning. Mark your foot positioning each workout and begin to creep your body closer to parallel with the floor each time. This will increase the load by involving a greater percentage of your bodyweight. In addition to this working bent over rows, bicep curls , overhead extensions and working suppinated grip(chins)  &  Aussie rows too as they mimic the stability of a bar a lot more.

Negative pull-ups are also effective at building strength. Start with a five-second controlled descent and build to longer durations of time.Eccentric work can be very taxing and leave you sore, so start conservatively and add on as your body tells you. Don’t combine a lot of eccentric pulling work and then a hard metcon involving similar movements.

Partial Pull Ups (Scap Pull Ups – partial reps don’t only apply to the end of a working set when muscles are fatigued and can’t go through the full range of motion. You can apply partial pull-ups with perfect form to fire up the back muscles.

Hang from a pull-up bar with a standard grip, avoid using momentum, and squeeze the chest upward to depress and retract the shoulder blades. Bend the elbows so the body moves up three inches, hold the contraction for one second, and relax. Perform sets of 6-10 reps depending on your strength.

Partials increase your initial strength from a dead hang. The lats and teres muscles must be especially strong from a fully-stretched position to drive the body upward at the start. This helps them fire up. It’s a great exercise to begin a pulling workout and ensure the scapular muscles are engaged. Pull-up partials set the tone for the remainder of the workout by forcing blood into the muscles.2015-02-16 15.40.27

Negative reps are great for people who can’t do a single pull-up. They can also help you bust through a plateau because eccentric strength is greater than concentric strength. To clarify my point, there will come a time when you can’t bench press the weight off your chest and you’ll need a spotter to help the bar up. At the top position, you can lower the bar slowly because your stores of negative strength aren’t terribly affected by the exercise. Hitting different fast-twitch muscle fibers with negatives is a vital resource to tap.

The best negative pull-ups, in my opinion, are those where you grab hold of a pull-up bar and assist yourself up to the top position. Jump up or use a box to bring your chin over the bar, avoid a freefall, attempt to maintain good form, and control your descent as much as possible. Start with 10-second negatives for 8 sets.

When you can extend one negative rep to 30 seconds, you should possess the strength to complete one full pull-up. Retest your longest possible negative pull-up weekly.

Patience – pull ups are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises and require alot of strength. Work on all of the above with patience and you will get your first pull up. Push or rush yourself too quickly and you could end up injured.

For more information and advice we found a great article here!

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