Cinnamon – Ranelagh

Brunch is easily my favourite meal and it seems the whole city is joining me on this one. It’s cin3become the thing to do for a weekly catch up with friends or family! Catch up over a pint is now a catch up over eggs or pancake stack (mmmmm pancakes).

With this in mind we shall make it our business to seek out the best brunches in the city and review them just for you (it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!!). Let us know your suggestions and fave brunch spots too!

This week Cinnamon in Ranelagh!

cinI had heard tell of this place over the last few months as a fantastic brunch eatery. They do not have a website so I sought them out on Facebook to suss out their menu pre visit! It was impressive in variety for breakfast and brunch, with something to suit all palates and a lot of healthy options which was the deal sealer for me!

I went with a group of 5 for Sunday Brunch. On arrival I was met with an extremely busy premises, it was buzzing and people were queuing for tables. We were however greeted quickly and found an area to await our table. The atmosphere was warm; the venue although large and open still retained a quirky homely feel. It’s trendy for sure but with a rustic vibe.

Food wise, my table chose a variety of options from the healthy to the naughty. I chose an egg white omelette with spinach, basil and goats cheese served with homemade tomato chutney. It was delicious and at €7.50 great value. I added a side of bacon (obv) for €2.50 and got 3 large pieces which I also thought was a decent portion for the price. The coffee was from Mc Cabes and it was also very good.

I must say however my biggest food envy was from the warm breakfast salad that 2 of our party ordered. It was by all accounts very tasty. It combined mixed leaves with herb new potatoes, black pudding, bacon and poached egg all for €11.50. cin2

The other 2 dishes ordered were French toast and scrambled eggs with Portobello mushroom and bacon. By all accounts these were also very tasty.

I noticed also on their dessert menu they not only offered an array of naughty but beautiful looking treats, they also had gluten free and Paleo options. I sampled the Paleo brownie and banana and walnut slice. They were tasty but the brownie a little dry, I would suggest adding sugar free fruit compote or offering a drizzle of organic honey or maple to moisten. It is great to see these options available.

All in all I would recommend cinnamon for Sunday Brunch, but be aware that you may have to wait 15-30 mins for your table on a busy Sunday.


Happy Brunching belle’s xx


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