Travel Workouts

On the go a lot? Travelling for work or just on holiday? Here are a few Hotel room friendly workouts that only require only your bodyweight as resistance!
Use these moves and workouts to get you started then play around with the rep schemes and movements to create even more hotel workouts for yourself.
They can be tailored to your time limitations, so no excuses!

Core engagement is key throughout all movements, engage that tummy and clench your butt (helpful cue to ensure that core is engaged)

With push ups scale as needed. Your middle must not dip (back arch lose engagement). Go to a raised area or work from your knees. Watch out for snaking up or shoulder shrugs as well.

Do not suffer bad movement to get through the workout, slow down and scale if you need to.

Keep track of workouts you have done and how they felt/ long they took you. It’s a great way to track your progress.

Stay tuned to for more Fitionista at home workouts and tips!

Any questions or clarification on movements please just ask we are delighted to help!

#1 3 Rounds for Time:
·         50 Air Squats
·         50 crunches
·         50 chair (bed) arm dips

#2 10 Rounds for Time:
·         10 Push-ups
·         10 Sit ups
·         10 Squats

#3 For Time:
         200 Air Squats

#4 20 Rounds for Time:
·         5 Pushups
·         5 Squats
·         5 Sit-ups

#5  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of
sit-ups with  20 reverse lunges in between each set
·         For example – 10 sit- ups , 20 lunges, 9 sit –ups , 20 lunges and so on

#6 Planks
 6 mins moving plank (1 min plank position, 30 seconds right arm side plank, 30 secs left and repeat continuously for 6 mins)
·  Rest 1 minute and repeat

#7 5 rounds for time:
         10 glute bridges
·         20 lunges
·         30 air squats

#8 3 rounds for time:
         10 push –ups
·         20 sit –ups
·         30
·         40 flutter kicks
·         50 side arm pulses (hold your arms out to the side at shoulder height with           palms facing down pulse up and down approx. 2 inch above to 2 inch below           shoulder height. Like a small controlled flapping motion) this movement can           also be done palms facing up.

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