Diamond Nutrition Slim Lite Smoothie and Diamond RnR supplements

This week the lovely people at Diamond Nutrition (Platinum and Diamond Nutrition) sent us in their Slim Lite Smoothie and Diamond RnR supplements to put to the Kettlebelle test! 
Diamond Nutrition are a range tailored entirely for women and the needs of both the average woman starting out on her fitness journey and the more seasoned athlete.
Diamond Slim Lite+ is made from top quality ingredients. Over 3/4 of the product is made up of whey protein isolate; which has been micronized to give a tasty protein supplement with very little carbohydrates and virtually no fat. 
1 serving mixed with water is only 99 calories.This is great for those requiring more protein but following a more calorie controlled diet plan.  It can assist with weight loss while promoting lean muscle development combined with strength training.
Diamond pride themselves on being 1oo % Irish, the whey protein in the product is derived from the milk of Irish cows. They are free range, grass fed, animals which contributes greatly to the quality of the product.
1 serving of Diamond provides 25 grams of protein with the majority of calories derived from protein.  For women introducing protein supplements to their diet, this is a fantastic product. 
A lot of women seem to fear getting bulky or adding weight when supplementing with a protein. This is not the case as it will lend itself to increased lean muscle development when combined with exercise. The development of lean muscle mass will burn more fat so the introduction of extra protein via food and supplements can be a solid tool in the fat burning arsenal! Diamond being a low calorie, low carb option with virtually no fat will appeal greatly to anyone still worrying about the additional calories or carbs to their diet.
This product  is also fortified with raspberry fruit powder which is high in anti-oxidants and vitamins and tastes lovely and fruity.

The taste test: I sampled the protein with water and unsweetened almond milk. It was sweet but not excessively so, mixed very well with both the almond milk and water giving a smooth texture. I found the raspberry taste very natural and it sat well with me during exercise when I drank a shake pre 6 am training.  It would be delicious in breakfast smoothies as it really blends well and has a natural taste. I would recommend this product as a dietary supplement 

Diamond Rn R is the 2nd product sent to us for testing.
Diamond R’n’R combines zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6 to aid recovery and promote a good nights’ sleep.
It can also be used to replenish your system after emotional stress, illness or intense training.
Many women can get run-down with work or busy family lives, which can lead to zinc and magnesium deficiencies. By supplementing with a product like Diamond R’n’R you can help to promote full body recovery by getting a deep relaxed sleep.
A supplement like this can take a couple of weeks for the effects to be clear, so in light of this and to give a completely thorough review myself and Michelle are going to take RnR for 3 weeks and report back with the results!

In other news Platinum and Diamond Nutrition are launching 2 new flavours soon in conjunction with introducing Stevia to their products as a natural sweetener.
They are also  making all products 100 % Gluten free (Gluten free environment too). I’ve heard talk of vanilla cinnamon and Lemon Cheesecake flavours en route ….noms!  
Stay tuned for more on that in coming weeks!

For more information on Diamond Nutrition’s products go to:http://www.diamond-nutrition.com/

To order any of these products or other health and fitness goodies go to:

Mention Kettlebelle when ordering from Health Plus or Diamond Nutrition to receive a free Shaker and Quest Bar!

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