Debbie O Reilly

Debbie O Reilly was a very clear choice for one of our Kettlebelle Fitspos! Debbie is a true athlete, passionate, driven, focussed and hardworking.
A full time paramedic, champion boxer, powerlifter oh and she CrossFits too! I’m not sure where she finds the time.   Debbie is also rarely seen without a smile on her face and a good supportive word to say to those around her, always happy to impart what she has learned and help other athletes on their journey.
We want to congratulate her on her most recent achievement becoming the elite national senior boxing champion under 60kg! A title previously held by Katie Taylor.

Debbie’s impressive credentials include
·          National deadlift powerlifting champion -58.5kg –
·          European full powerlifting silver medallist.
·          Boxing – national intermediate boxing champion 2013-2014 –
·          Boxing -5 time Connacht champion
·          Boxing – national elite senior champion 60kg 2015-2016
Follow Debbie’s journey here:

We asked Debbie some questions about her athletic journey and advice for others embarking on a healthier fitter lifestyle!

Hi Kettlebelle Firstly thank it so much for featuring me as one of your kettlebelle women of the week I am truly humbled.
What is your fitness background?
My fitness background is predominantly boxing & crossfit as part of my strength and conditioning program.
What attracted you to boxing?
I first started boxing to get fit and lose weight, shortly after joining I discovered I had a natural strength and decided that someday I would like to compete in the sport

What led you on to crossfit and powerlifting and how do you balance three sports?
I was boxing and running to ‘keep fit’ but I wanted a new challenge. I did not feel running alone would help me in the ring, I then I discovered functional training and lifting weights which led me on to crossfit. Crossfit has helped me hugely with my endurance & strength in fights. From there I was introduced to the world of powerlifting, I decided to compete in the IDFPA (Irish drug free powerlifting association) powerlifting competitions as it was off season for boxing and I wanted a focus, I came away with a European silver medal. I am no longer competing in powerlifting as I am focusing on boxing but I still enjoy going to competitions and cheering on the wonderful girls and guys I met.
What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge was myself! Not believing in my own capabilities and lacking in self confidence. I have since overcome this and believe that for overall performance sports psychology and mental preparation is as important as sweating in the gym
. What is your fondest fit memory?
My fondest memory is a very recent one and that was winning the national elite senior championships on the 24th of this month which was previously held by Katie Taylor.
Who inspires you?
Conor Mc Gregor, I am in awe of his movement and confidence. I watched a lot of his videos before my last fight.
What are your top three nutrition tips?
I see food as fuel, if I eat this how will it affect my performance later? Never starve yourself or ‘diet’ clean living is the key, avoid anything from a packet! When you cheat don’t feel guilty, enjoy your treat, train to live a healthy happy life and if you are on track with your fitness journey a little cheat here and there is ok. Anybody that says they don’t enjoy a treat is probably a secret cheater.
What advice would you give ladies starting their fitness journey?
I would tell them to jump right into it they are going to have the times of their lives, there are so many training facilities popping up all over the country and being fit and healthy is now a sociable activity You can do it and everybody was once a beginner and we are all happy to help one another out on our journeys.
What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal was to win the national elite seniors and that has just happened, so I am enjoying a week off and going to sit down and make some new dreams, one goal is to box for Ireland which I will get to do next month, hopefully compete in a crossfit competition & to defend my title next year.

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