Bulk Powders Shopping Haul

Bulk Powders is a fantastic site for low cost good quality supplements and supplies. They offer a broad range of products from flours, nut butters and seed mixes to proteins and vitamins. They offer a huge range of protein flavours and you can get sample packs or small quantities to try them out. (Whey protein 500 gram pack from €9.99).

I use them regularly for specific basic staple items in my cupboard like nut butter, chia seeds, coconut flour and bottled egg whites. Their cashew butter is delicious, 100 % cashews and my total favourite nut butter! The egg whites I buy in bulk as an excellent protein source and they are great for baking and pancakes too! They offer fantastic deals regularly and I have tried some of their proteins, pre workouts and have always been satisfied with the products and fast delivery.

They are offering 15 % off till Jan 7th with this code N17

Price Guide from my last haul!

Cashew butter 1 kg =€11.69

Chia seeds 500 g =€8.75

6 x 500g bottled egg whites = €15.94

Coconut flour 1kg= €8.49

Peanut Butter 1 kg = €5.99

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