Top ‘Fit Girl’ Gifts

1. A Kettlebell – d8 fitness stock a great selection and are very competitive in price they do competition standard bells as well and the 8 kg one is pink and a perfect starting bell!
2. Sara Silva leggings – Funky bold and bright squat proof brazillian leggings great value too as an added xmas stocking filler
3. Charm bracelet or funky fit jewellery – Check out etsy for charms , bracelets and necklaces with inspirational fit quotes , kettlebells , barbells and more for the fitspo in your life
4. Wod sox , if she lifts she will love these . The more fun , funky and personalised the better!
5. A Spiralizer ( or zoodler!) Make noodles out of courgettes with this awesome kitchen device! Makes healthy eating even more exciting and decorative !
6. The Bullet blender – awesome for shakes , desserts, nut butters general blending in a hurry!
7. Cute wooly hat for the trip to and from the gym
8. Make her a cool tank top or training tshirt with her favourite or a funny slogan (Lift Now, Wine Later / She Squats Bro / I don’t sweat I glow /Meet me at the bar …you get the idea!
9. This super Cute Gym water bottle – Sweat , Sparkle , repeat
10. Bedazzled protein shaker – add a little sparkle to her daily shake
11. Foam roller or mobility tools – help her roll out those work out weary muscles without wearing yourself out by giving her a massage

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