SARA AL QUABANDI – ‘Kettlebelle’ of the Month

We are very proud to announce our first Kettlebelle of the month. We both have the privilege of knowing and training with this inspirational young woman. We are proud to call her a friend and were in 100 % agreement upon wanting her to be our first Kettlebelle of the Month although humble as always she kept making sure we were serious and didn’t want someone else(which just made us want her more).

Sara is 21 years old but has a wisdom that is beyond her years. She brings to others such positivity, honesty and genuine support that her presence is truly missed when she goes AWOL from the gym due to exam time or trips home to visit her family!

Sara has achieved so much on her health and fitness journey losing over 20 kg and gaining in every aspect of her training at an impressive rate. Her strength is impressive (her presses and cleans in particular!), her flexibility enviable and she actually loves burpees and can bang them out like it’s her rest period!

Sara embraces her strengths and works at her weaknesses and supports and motivates others around her to do the same. It’s hard to imagine that she is also in her 3rd year of medical school and keeps up the study and workload that requires achieving impressive grades and finding a way to balance it all .

If this all doesn’t explain why she fits the bill of our Woman of the month might I add she takes selfies like a pro –

Kim K got nothing on our Sara!

Sara was kind enough to answer some questions for us:

What is your fitness background?

To be completely honest I never was big on sports. I used to dance with my sisters – we did ballet as kids – but that was about it! It was in 2010 after HIIT classes and outdoor bootcamp that I realised, “Right, this is definitely something I wanna work on, and I gotta start being fit and healthy.” I did, and after that I started Crossfit!

What led you to choose Crossfit?

I was training back home one summer doing Tabata classes and strength sessions. My trainer suggested I try crossfit once I’m back in Ireland as he thought it would be something I’d enjoy and stick with and something that I would be able for! Plus it’s so close to where I live so that’s defo a bonus!

How do you balance busy life as a medical student with training and staying fit?

It is a struggle and there is no solid way of staying balanced! But it is do-able. Honestly, its all about having a routine and just sticking to it the best you can – some days are better than others not gonna lie! Crossfit Perpetua Dublin is great because there are so many classes on that I’d always make it in time for training and also seeing everyone topless and happy working out tends to make the med school side of things more bearable! Meal prep has saved my life and John McCall’s (athlete from CFPD) reflexes have enhanced my education immensely… So it’s really just about setting your mind to it!

Who/what inspires you?

You know, I actually don’t have a single answer to that question as multiple things do, various individuals have inspired me, and also just moments where I’ve gotten that “Ahh, this will keep me going” feeling. One constant though has always been my siblings! Both my sisters and definitely my brother – he has always been there and has inspired and believed in me always in everyway 🙂

What is your best ‘fit’ memory?

Probably dropping over 20 kg since 2011! It was such a struggle but looking at the before and afters is great! And also the Freaks on Friday workout in CrossFit Perpetua that involved a million runs and lifts and jumps that I managed to complete in the rain thanks to coach Andy of course who would NOT let me scale it although I tried and might have even cried but you know.. .

And of course your most embarrassing/funniest one??

Hmm probably jumping off the box for box jumps once and landing on my face! Or crying after every running WOD? And coming last regardless (this running business I still haven’t cracked clearly!!)

What is your ultimate goal?

To be the best I can be – be it with medicine or being fit! There is so many little goals that play into that and they definitely help work towards it but that is my ultimate goal. For crossfit I would LOVE some DU’s (Double under skips) not even 10 just 5 would be lovely.. The struggle is real. Honestly … Any tips for that would be much appreciated!

Some words of wisdom for anyone wanting to start getting fit and healthy? 

Positive Energy. I preach about this 24/7.. Surround yourself with people that will fill your life with positive vibes. It is the only way! After all it is really all about you, everyones journey is so unique and different that’s whats so great about fitness and health, bringing together people from all walks of life with the same goal in mind! Find what you love and find things that motivate you! Everyone does it so differently! Always be positive, look at things in a way that will keep you going, and you will end up closer to where you want to be. Thoughts become things but also training and working for them makes them happen faster! Definitely find a crew that will help you get through it and keep you motivated when you are at the point of “Screw this I actually can’t be bothered!” There is no right or
wrong way of doing it, just eat clean and train! Meditate and stay positive! Positive energy is key- or so I think anyways!

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