Our very own – Jayne O’Toole

All girls like surprises right? Well lets hope so because this week I hid the Woman of the Week interview from our very own Jayne and instead made it all about her!! Jayne is a constant inspiration to everyone she meets, she motivates me daily, its also her birthday this week (yay!) and what better way to let her know how much we love her than a few words from some of the people who know her best…(get the tissues ready…)

Im going to go first! Jayne was the second person I met when I joined Crossfit, she was so welcoming and motivating from the very first time I met her, as Ive come to know her over the past year I can honestly say she is one of the most positive, inspiring, honest and true people Ive ever met. Jayne’s passion for fitness, health, crossfit and cooking (oh and puppies) literally motivates me every single day. I am very honoured to share this blog with her – she puts the ‘Belle’ in Kettlebelle.

From Sara – A typical definition for inspiration is – A divine influence or action on a person. Jayne, since I met you, you have always given me that power to push through, and that motivation to move forward, believe in myself and my abilities. You inspire me in ways I can not put in words your determination and strength yet your absolute loving and caring character is something I admire you for. You radiate greatness to those around you and you have taught me so much everyday, I continue to believe I can because of you. You are my inspiration because no-one has changed my life the way you have. Blessed with the best – I am for sure.

From Kathleen -Jayne is like a dog with a bone when she wants to improve at something. I’ve never met a more determined person when it comes to wanting to get better and improve. When she puts her mind to it she will apply herself 110% to work on her weaknesses to get better. Also she does all this with a smile on her face while encouraging you along the way. I love when we end up in the same class as Jayne is great fun to work out with 😉

From Anastasia – Jayne’s dedication and motivation is a constant source of admiration and inspiration to me, be it in or out of the gym. She’s always full of positive radiance and never fails to brighten up my day. She’s also a whizz in the kitchen and all round a wonderful person.

From Francis O’Toole – Jayne has had some hard moments in life ,like myself ,but seeing ,watching how she has dealt with these problems has been very inspiring to me ,she is a fighter and I have seen her develop Into a person who holds her head up and wins , I am very proud of her!
From Lynn – Jayne is a huge inspiration to me. She constantly pushes herself(sensibly!!) to do work on new goals and does this with a really positiveattitude that you can’t help but feed off! She is everyone’s biggestcheerleader and is the person telling you that you can do it when you need tofind that last bit of strength – Jayne is responsible for my current strictpress PB!

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