Orla Hopkins-Plant

Mother, Business Owner, Bikini Competitor & Matador Muscle Sponsored Athlete Orla Hopkins-Plant proves that with hard work and dedication it is possible to manage a family, career and fitness lifestyle – she was kind enough to answer some questions for us this week!

Hey Orla, tell us a bit about yourself!

Im  a mum to my little nut job Noa who is 4 and who loves that his mum has muscles & works out in the gym…I am so lucky to have married Tommy who supports me 100% everyday in my training (he even does my meal prep ) I run Dimensions Dancewear (a dance boutique)in Drumcondra with my mum Trish & I also run a Dance School Dance Dimensions …I have 2 amazing younger brothers who are both extremely gifted sportsmen Ross a soccer player in The States and my youngest brother Jeff who is on his way to becoming a pro golfer …We have been constantly suported & encouraged by our Dad Ronnie who is now my biggest fan although it took him a while to get used to seeing me compete in a bikini …but he now understands the sport and tells me everyday to KILL IT!!

What is your fitness background?

I started gymnastics and dance classes at the age of 4 …I competed & trained at National level from the age of 8 up until my teens representing Ireland at home and abroad …so I suppose without knowing my fitness career started I went on to UCD to study Sports Management but after 1st year changed course & decided I wanted a more hands on approach so trained to be a dance teacher, Then studied for 2 years to receive my ITEC Gym Instruction,PT &Sports Therapy… I am inspired by so many …but mainly strong driven woman who don’t take NO for an answer & never give up!..In fitness I look up to athletes like Bella Falconi&Oskana Grishina ….In life my Mum …she is the strongest & most determined woman I have ever met…she is my HERO! ….

What is your favourite ‘fit’ memory
My fav fit memory has to be competing at Europeans this year and placing top 5 in Fitness Class…that feeling was incredible !!! Can’t wait to hit the stage again next year…I’ll be 34 in a couple of weeks but feel 24 lets hope I’ll still be saying that in 2015 lol…

And your most embarrasing one….

ooooo my most embarrasing fit memory ok so I have 2 …1 (we prob have all done this…well I hope so) but letting out a fart when squatting …not my most lady like moment & 2 face planting in the studio while rehearsing my fitness routine …thinking I was pretty cool but nope obv not …OUCH!…

Your top 3 nutrition tips?

1.PrePlan your meals (so you don’t get hungry & end up over eating or binging)
2.Drink plenty of water
3.allow yourself treats

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is keep a balance of my family/work & fitness life…as I have a 4 year old, husband & a business, life can become pretty hectic so if I can continue to compete internationally and keep my family happy aswell as run my business …well then I have achieved my ultimate goal !….

And finally some words of wisdom for anyone wanting to start getting fit & healthy?

My words of wisdom for anyone out there who wishes to start their new fitness or health journey is to go for it and enjoy it….its a lifestyle so you will probably have to alter different aspects of your daily routine but embrace the change & most of all ENJOY!!!…..

You can find Orla on Facebook here

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