Ground Cafe, Sandyford, Dublin

I went to visit the new Ground Cafe in Sandyford Village

Finally! A great place to get clean, healthy breakfast and lunch that is right in the centre of Sandyford village! No more having to treck into town for a delicious pre 3pm meal!
Suitable to its name ‘Ground’ has the most gorgeous coffee going, they serve an array of healthy dishes including a delicious deetox Beetroot Salad and Poached Eggs with Spinach. For those of you – like me – that want to bring along a not so clean eating lunch date he filled himself up on Homemade Brown Bread and Liver Pate and finished things off with a freshly baked Scone with Jam (I wasn’t jealous I swear!!) The menu really caters for all and they do great kids dishes too. Oh, I nearly forgot..our two mains, two coffees, scone and a smoothie came to a grand total of 20euro!!

So clean, healthy and great value for money!!!! If you know of any cool, healthy, awesome places to eat around the country please let us know at – we’ll be more than happy to come try them out!!! – Michelle

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