Curry in a Hurry

This Indian inspired curry is quick and easy to make using spices you will tend to have available in your cupboard at home. You can add additional spice to suit your taste and add whatever veggies you feel like to bulk it up. I used dry herbs as we don’t always have fresh available and its costly if you don’t grow your own!

I served it with chunky sweet potato wedges baked in coconut oil nutmeg, salt and pepper in the
oven. I wanted a healthy hearty curry and chips for dinner!

A Great winter warmer and comfort food! Also not a bad way to use up leftover turkey!
Just simmer for 5- 10 mins instead of 15 

Ingredients feed 4:

 2 Tsp Coconut oil

 600 gram skinless chicken fillets

 1 x red onion

 4 large cloves garlic ( use 6 if they are on the smaller size)

 1 x large courgette

 8 x button mushroom

 12 x vine cherry tomatoes ( any ripe tomato will do , you want them to soften nicely I find

vine cherry work well )

 Spinach 1-2 handfuls

 2.5 tsp Cumin

 1.5 tsp Turmeric

 1 tsp Chilli

 1 tsp Ginger

 1 tsp sea salt

 1 tsp coriander

 Black pepper to taste

 150- 200 Mill coconut milk (if halving a large tin use half the cream and half the watery milk).

With the coconut milk it depends how saucy you like your curry and which veggies you use.

As I used courgette and spinach both produce water when cooked so I used less coconut

milk (150) and still had a good consistency and sauce.


 Add coconut oil to pan and stir fry the garlic and onion

 Add your dry spices and fry with the onion and garlic until the onion is softened and coated

 Now add your chopped veggies of choice ( not the spinach you add this after the chicken if

using it)

 Fry off the veggies till they are lightly coated in spice too

 Add your chicken diced up into inch pieces approx.

 Fry off the chicken till its cooked on the outside

 Add your spinach now and soften lightly

 Next add coconut milk, reduce the heat once it starts simmering and leave to simmer for 15

Your curry in a hurry is done!

Enjoy xx




Calories – 380

Fat- 19 grams

Protein- 47 grams

Carbs- 11 grams

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