Grass Fed Meat

Why buy Organic and where to buy!

I have been asked by a number of people where you can buy grass fed beef & organic meat locally, so Ive found some great UK & Irish Companies for you!!

But first, why grass fed meat??

A little bit of science..Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner than grain-fed beef. Omega 3s in animals that feed on grass is 7% of the total fat content, compared to 1% in grain-only fed animals. Grass-fed beef for example has the recommended ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats (3:1.)

Ok, so where can you purchase?

Castlemine Farm in Co Roscommon
This award winning farm produces high quality grass fed meats and provide nationwide next day delivery!!!

Coolanowle Organic Meat
These guys provide Approved Organic Standard Meats and can be found at the following farmers markets: Carlow Farmers Market, Kilkenny Farmers Market, Dun Laoghaire Farmers Market, Leopardstown Farmers Market, Pearse St Farmers Market and Clontarf Farmers Market

Abel & Cole
This site is a one stop shop for organic, health food. They deliver nationwide and can do up meat, fish, salad and veg boxes delivered straight to your door!

Specialising in lean clean meat is a firm favourite with UK athletes and body builders, they also deliver nationwide and provide a range of protein snacks and treat also.

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