Foodie Fails

I am a firm believer that if you eat healthily and clean 80 % of the time and lead an active lifestyle a treat here and there will do you absolutely no harm. Food should be enjoyed and if you enjoy a glass of wine once in a while , then enjoy it guilt free! I do however know that before I settled into a healthier relationship with food I played many a mind game on myself and created some classic excuses and reasons for bad food choices.
With that in mind and because along with an occasional treat we all need a good laugh too! I bring you
Kettlebelles Top Five “ Fool ourselves foodie fails”

1. Diet Soft drinks cause obviously they totally counteract all of the calories in what you are eating “Um Ill have a double burger with extra cheese topped with onion rings and a side of garlic cheese chips , oh and a diet coke ….no no not Coke, D I E T ….Sheesh”

2. If your friend / boyfriend / colleague eats more than you automatically your calories are nil and void …True urban food myth…so persuade your buddy to pile it up high and go for second helpings …..It’s all about the Gainzzz after all!

3. If nobody sees you eat it then no calories were consumed! ( From the if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound line of thinking)

4. No calories if its liquid ….soups, smoothies , juices……sure feck it just blend up that pizza and garlic bread …whoohoo I’m totally winning at healthy eating!!5. If I’m craving it, it’s clearly because my body needs it! So true, we all really need to watch our WCI levels! “We have a level four WCI, put the wine, chocolate and ice cream in the blender and get an IV in fast her body neeedddss it!!”

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