Our 2014 Achievements & 2015 Goals

Jayne 100KG Back Squat:


– 2014 achievements well what can I say , I’ll leave out the personal ones as I don’t want to get too mushy but this year was a true progression physically and emotionally for me after quite a lot of personal upheaval in 2013 . I can truly say I will end 2014 with positivity and excitement for what 2015 has to bring.

Teaming up with Michelle and starting Kettlebelle was a beautiful finale to 2014 for me, I cannot wait to see our community grow and see what 2015 has to bring for us and to hear about what it brings to everyone who has joined us on our journey!

So my fitness journey in 2014! To be honest I entered the year feeling a little defeated! I discovered my passion for fitness in 2013 first pursuing Kettlebell training then Crossfit and achieving my Agatsu Level 1, CrossFit Level 1 and Crossfit Mobility before the year was through, sure I was flying high!

Unfortunately I ignored pain and weakness in one of my arms for a considerable time and
discovered Id injured my rotator cuff to the point where I couldn’t hold my own weight on it, let
alone push up or correctly do any overhead work in Crossfit.

I listened to my physio, my CFD coaches and my Yoga coach and worked on it…slowly but surely it
improved…cutting a long story short I am finishing this year with the ability to do 5 strict chin ups, 3 strict pull ups and 3 strict ring dips. This from a girl who finished 2013 unable to do a push up!

Persistence and positivity even when it seems impossible will get you through, I just kept working on it and kept my chin up when it was taking its sweet ass time!

I realise my gains are small compared to some but they are mine and I am proud of them as its all comparative. We can’t compare ourselves to others it’s our own personal journey and progressions that matter.

In the midst of all that I managed another big one for me! I hit a 100 kg back squat which at 62 kg is over 1.5 body weight and I was downright chuffed with that! It was one of those surprise sneaky gains! They are my favourite ! 

For 2015 my main fit goals are

 5 -6 Strict pull ups so that I can start doing them in workouts and maybe RX Fran

 Get a pistol squat

 Over double body weight deadlift. Just tipping on double!

 Hold a free standing handstand for 10 seconds! Yogainzzzz hopeful 

 Continue to improve my movement and skill work.

Jayne Ring Dip:


Michelle Crossfit Level 1: 

Michelle – 2014 was all about a lifestyle change for me, there were alot of ‘firsts’ and a lot of goals I set myself, I have been very lucky to have achieved way more than I had ever expected.

The four achievements I am most proud of are the ones I’d like to share with you:
Committing to taking care of my health’ – All of us say we’re going to get fit & healthy on the 1st of Jan, its 90% of our new years resolutions! I am the type of person that gets bored very easily – rarely committing to anything, but this year when I made my ‘fit & healthy resolution’ I fully committed to it, I learnt how to fuel my body through good, clean, healthy food. I spent hours of hard work in Crossfit and the Gym and I spent time understanding that health is both mental and physical resulting in me tackling some demons along the way. It has changed my life for the better and there is no going back on that now.

‘Passing my Crossfit Level 1 Trainers Course’ – Wow, this was an unexpected one! I never thought I would become so passionate about sport, health, fitness and I didn’t even know what Crossfit was just over a year ago. 8 months into joining Crossfit Perpetua Dublin I knew I wanted to fill myself up with as much knowledge as possible and one day become a Coach. Completing and passing my Level 1 Certificate was the first step to this for me, I haven’t had those nervous butterflies waiting on exam results in years – there were tears when I found out I had passed. It utterly cemented my passion and future goal to become a Crossfit Coach.

The 80KG Deadlift’ – I’ll start by saying that this is light – in terms of the strength of most ‘Crossfit Girls’, but for me this was huge – over one and a half times my bodyweight. This time last year I remember trying to pull 40KG off the floor and thinking my legs were going to explode. I can rep 40KG over 30 times unbroken now – huge progress in 12 months. The big 100KG is a not so distant goal now – never satisfied with my last success Im always hunting and working towards the next one.

And finally Kettlebelle, working with not only a huge fitness inspiration to me but also a fantastic friend – Jayne, starting to create a community of like-minded women sharing fitness goals, motivation and everything else along the way has been the absolute icing on the cake for this year, I cant wait to see whats in store for Kettlebelle next year.

My 2015 goals?
Learn,heal,compete,share I like to keep my goals realistic, measurable and simple!
Learn – I have enrolled on a ‘Crossfit Football’ course (Crossfit for Sports Teams) and want to start my personal training qualifications later in the year.
Heal – I am currently healing from a SLAP tear, rotator cuff overload and shoulder impingement – its a long process but my physio and the team at CF Dublin are incredible and Im looking forward to coming back stronger than ever.
Compete – I hope to compete in my first scaled Crossfit competition this year
Share – Continue sharing and building the Kettlebelle community

Michelle Deadlift: 


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